Geranium Himalayense

All about Geranium Himalayense

A geranium himalayense is also commonly known as geraniums. These are flowers for your garden that come in pretty colors and harmonize well with other flowers.  They are perennials; this means that this plants cycle of life can last a couple of years or more given the right care, climate and location.

Having a perennial plant means you can care for them in the winter as they go dormant and expect for them to bloom once again in your garden. Geranium himalayense is not a hard plant to find and they are also very affordable.  Their resistance and perennial cycle make them a great choice for your garden. Other types of plant cycles I include those who only live for a season and those that only live for a year, when these plants are present it’s a good idea to collect their seeds for the next year or season to come.

Geraniums vary in size and color, purple, pink and white are some of the colors while the sizes may make them small and bunched up or tall and individual between foliage. They are adorable in the garden and very versatile when it comes to pruning them, they can be sturdy and good for a first time gardener. This is a good plant to start your landscaping planning with as it holds a few years of life; it is possible to maintain them for much longer as some people have them for up to ten years.

These pretty little flowers are found all throughout the United States. Find them at your local gardening store or buying seeds online. A very great feature of the geranium himalayense is its ability to propagate, this means you are able to take a geranium plant and cut a few pieces off to then restart them and have yourself grow more plants. A good gardening book or a how to website can help you determine the type of soil and temperature that is right for this type of activity.

Geraniums have a tendency to grow quickly and spread out. Finding a good spot in your garden for them would be great somewhere they can spread out and just look lovely. Mixing different colored geraniums within their section and as always watering and keeping them trim and free of predatory insects like caterpillars. Watch out for ants as they like to hide in bushy leafy plants and end up eating up the roots, sticking a few ant steaks on the ground should do the trick. A not very well known predator to plants is fungus. Some fungus can kill the plant and its roots. Watering the plant properly and not leaving standing water can help reduce this risk.

Lots of good sunshine is good but your geranium might react differently to the sun exposure that you offer. Decide early on where you will plant them by monitoring how much sunlight they will get. Too much sun may dry out the plant or cause foliage to grow with little flowers.

Geranium himalayense is good for desert type climate and can add a wonderful touch to a garden with cacti and aloe vera. Remember that these plants are not always in bloom but will survive the winters given you provide proper care. If you have these in pots move them to a warmer location for the winter. If these are planted outside there are special plant coverings you can use. Some people use fallen leafs to cover around them and protect them from the cold but this is not highly recommended as fallen tree leafs can hold moisture and help create fungus. Protect and care for your geraniums and they will last you a good while in your garden.