Gerbera Daisy Care

Tips for Gerbera Daisy Care

Gerbera daisy care is important if you want to keep these colorful flowers looking great. With the proper care these flowers are long lasting and will keep your yard looking beautiful.

One of the reasons that these daisies are so popular is not only do they stay in bloom for a long time, but they produce some large flowers, blooms that about 4 to 5 inches across. Gerbera daises grow best in warmer climates as their native region is South Africa, but they can grow in cooler climates as annuals, or even be cultivated as indoor plants.

Using these flowers as indoor plants does pose some problems, the main drawback being that they do not tend to flourish and bloom as long. With good gerbera daisy care you can expect your indoor plant to bloom for about six weeks. At this point the plant will begin to die, but if it is still summer you may be able to save it if you transplant it outdoors in a very sunny location.

For optimal gerbera daisy care there are a few things you will need to know such as watering and fertilizer requirements, as well as how much light they need, plus more.

With good gerbera daisy care these flowers can be a wonderful addition to your home and garden, providing color and beauty for weeks during the summer.