Gladiolus Callianthus

Tips For Keeping A Gladiolus Callianthus

The Abyssinian star or gladiolus callianthus is a uniquely different type of flowering plant. It grows naturally in Mozambique and east Africa and its beauty makes it a sought after plant. It has extremely long leaves that are a light green color. Its stems are a tan color but they can hardly be seen through the longer flowing leaves. Around the end of summer in the early fall these plants bloom flowers. The flowers are made up of 6 petals that are all different sizes. They are long and thinner, with a signature purple or brown color on every petal towards the middle of the flower. The gladiolus callianthus is a perennial plant.

This plant can reach up to 36 inches in height and along with its attractive blooms it also has one other quality. It is said that the gladiolus callianthus has a pleasant odor that resembles some kind of tropical scent.  Its odor has been described as mysterious and inviting. This is probably why many people choose to have these plants in their own gardens. But there are a few things to remember about keeping the gladiolus callianthus thriving and healthy.

The best way to grow these flowering plants is to purchase the dormant corns of this plant. There is no need to place them in the soil in the spring because they do not grow until summer is already in full swing. You can wait up until early June to plant them. You can prepare an area in your garden for the plants by doing a soil test for the proper nutrients. They can be purchased at any garden center and they let you know what type of fertilizer you will need to keep all of your plants healthy. After you prepare the soil, you can start adding the gladiolus callianthus corns.

These types of flowers need plenty of water but they also need good drainage. If you are planning on planting more than one group, you can use the raised garden bed method. Simply make raised rows with a small trench on either side. The length of the rows depends on how many plants you would like. Just make sure that you space each plant at least 2 feet apart from each other. The raised garden bed and trenches will keep the root system out of harm's way from over watering.

Another good tip for growing these flowers is to make sure they are placed in direct sunlight. They are native of a warm climate and this means they need direct warm sunlight to thrive. They can be placed in partial shade but you may not get many of those wonderfully scented blooms in the fall. You can also make sure that you do not plant them around anything that can grow tall enough to rob their sunlight. Good companion plants should be smaller or the same size as these flowering plants.

If you only want one of these plants for the inside of the home, there are also a few tips to follow. Make sure that you keep them in a window that has sunlight throughout the day. Some people have had problems in the winter with these indoor plants due to furnaces. The heat produced by a furnace is drying and has no moisture and this can damage the plant. You can add extra moisture to it by placing it in the bathroom for a period of time. Another good way to have moist air in your home during the winter months is to simmer water on the stove top.

Keep the plant in a container or pot that has good drainage. Make sure that there are holes on the bottom of the container that allow water to drain completely out of the pot.