Gooseberry Plants

All About Gooseberry Plants

Gooseberry plants grow best in the summer months.  They also do very well where the temperature is cool and they will receive winter chill.  They can grow in warmer places such as California but they tend to better along coastal regions when they are grown in such places.   The gooseberry plant generally grows to be approximately three feet tall and roughly six feet wide.  They will generally bloom once in the spring.

The gooseberry plant will produce a fruit that has numerous minute seeds in the middle of it.  The color of the berry will vary based on the plant but they are generally green, white, yellow, shades of red, pink or purple.  Sometimes they can appear to be almost black.  The berry itself can also range in size based on the plant.  They will become pink when they are ripe and they will fall off of the plant if they are over ripe.  The flavor of the gooseberry is quite its own and may not be liked by everyone.

The gooseberry plant is very particular related to the amount of sun and air that it receives.  They like morning sun and partial afternoon shade.  They also thrive with lots of air circulation.  They are not very picky about their soil.  However, keep in mind that if you are growing the plant in places that are really hot, you are going to need to use a soil that is going to hold lots of water.  You should not use a sandy soil either because it will dry out to quickly.

These plants need lots of potassium and a moderate amount of nitrogen.  Be sure not to give it too much nitrogen because this can result in disease if you do.  Four to eight ounces of nitrogen per square yard is actually enough nitrogen for your plant.  You will also know if you plant needs potassium because the leaf margins will begin to scorch.  To avoid this, you can give your gooseberry plant half an ounce of per square yard annually.

Gooseberry plants will need to be pruned but not once after it is planted.  You want to allow your plant to grow for four to five years before you prune it the first time.  You will begin by removing any old stems.  This is going to make room for new ones to begin growing.  You will also want to snap off any branches that grow over six inches.

The gooseberry can be used in several different types of recipes.  If you are going to cook with them, you will need to find them.  They can be purchased at your local grocery store, but they may be better if you buy them at a farmers market.  You should always by them in large amounts because they will freeze well.  Therefore, if you do not use them, you can keep them for another.  They can be frozen cooked or uncooked and you can use them to make jelly or jam.  They can also be used to cover ice cream or finish a fruit salad.

After much research, gooseberry plants appear to have multiple purposes.  They can be a beautiful plant for your yard but they can also produce a fruit that some people enjoy using in various recipes.  You should consider a gooseberry plant for your landscape if you have the room for it and believe that you can take care of it.  Remember to start by selecting a location that is going to give the plan the amount of sun it is going to need to thrive.