Grass Seed Advice

Valuable Grass Seed Advice

If you love a beautiful, green lawn, one without bare spots or weeds, you will find the grass seed advice provided in this article to be highly beneficial.  If you have ever visited a nursery or gardening center, chances are you discovered that many types of seed exists.  For instance, there are mixes formulated specifically for shady or sunny areas, hearty mixes for yards with dogs, soil mixes, if you have imperfect soil, and much more.  The key to a gorgeous lawn starts with good soil and the right type of seed.

As part of our grass seed advice, you need to know the information you need to know so when you head out to purchase seed, you will end up with the right kind.  The following information will make the process less complicated.

Proper Soil

You need to know the type of soil your yard has, which can be determined by taking a small sample and looking at it.  Soil that easily falls apart and has a light brown color is likely sandy.  To confirm, you would look for what are known as “fines”, which means when rubbing a small amount of soil between your finger and thumb, you would notice what appears as skid marks.  You will also need to know the texture of the soil, which is based on particle size.  For instance, sandy soil is comprised of large particles whereas clay soil has small particles.

Our grass seed advice specific to soil is that you need a balance, meaning the soils should contain some clay and sand, as well as organic matter.  Since this typically does not happen naturally, you may need to till the yard and add material.  The soil should drain well so seed can grow healthy and strong.

Options for Seed

The next piece of grass seed advice has to do with the actual seed.  Dormant seeds come in different mixtures and varieties, which are used in between growth years, meaning there needs to be a dormant or frost season.  Additionally, you should consider how your grass is used.  In other words, if you have small children or pets that play outdoors, seed needs to be hearty to withstand the wear and tear.

Most people choose a different type of seed for the front, one that would grow lush, green grass to enhance appearance rather than handle kids and pets.  Therefore, the grass seed advice in this instance would be to choose something like an athletic mix, which looks gorgeous.  However, if you have an area in front or back dedicated to children for playing, a special blend known as “playground mixture” works best.  Other important factors of seed is that every type of seed can be damaged, over-seeding or repeat seeding might be required for areas of high traffic, to replace grass that has been worn down or destroyed.

We also wanted to touch on a particular problem in this article for grass seed advice known as grubs.  If you have grubs, your entire lawn could quickly be destroyed.  These bugs live beneath the ground and to eliminate them, proper treatment is imperative.  You will find numerous treatment options that work well but the key to success is to take immediate action once the problem has been identified.  Otherwise, you would end up with brown spots or a yard of dead grass.  For additional grass seed advice, you can conduct online searches for specific questions and/or concerns.