Green Roses

How to Grow Green Roses

Green roses can be a beautiful and unique addition to any garden. Whether you intend to cut them in order to create beautiful indoor arrangements or simply want to add a little “wow” factor to your garden, the green rose bush is definitely a good option! There are a few different types of green roses but the two easiest varieties to grow are the Ice and Diamond plants. Ask your local garden nursery if they carry either of these types. If they do not, you may be able to have them specially ordered for you or alternatively you can order them online.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of green roses depend upon the type of bush you decide to grow. Some types, such as the Green Ice and Green Diamond, are miniature bushes that grow to be about a foot tall. The bloom size is relatively small on these varieties with blooms that average around three quarters of an inch to an inch in diameter. These varieties of “green rose” actually produce white blooms when grown in full sunlight; but when they are grown in an place with partial shade they tend to take on a lovely shade of green.


The location that you choose for your green rose bush is very important because too much sunlight could cause the blooms to be white rather than green, but failure to provide enough sunlight can cause the plant to not bloom at all. Although you can grow your rose bush in a large pot, this method of growing is likely to hinder the growth of the bush and could prevent it from performing as well as it would if it were planted in the ground. The soil requirements for the Green Ice and Green Diamond rose bushes is quite lenient. A sandy loam or a clay loam soil type is preferred, with a pH range of anywhere between 4.5 and 8. Ideally this plant should be grown in an area that has good drainage which will prevent water from pooling around the plant. This can lead to the development of fungus and even rot the plant’s roots, resulting in death.

Planting Green Roses

Although green rose bushes can be a little tricky to grow, the planting process in itself is quite simple. When you order your rose bush, try to pick a variety that is already partially grown or “started.” Growing green roses from a seed can be exceptionally difficult. The best time to plant your rose bush is in the autumn, as this will allow the plant to establish its roots during the autumn and winter season. If you live in a particularly warm climate, you may want to wait until the weather begins to cool as too much heat can be bad for your newly-planted bush.

You will need to dig a hole about two times the size of the plant’s ball of roots. The loosened soil will make it easier for the plant’s roots to branch out. If you wish to mix a small amount of sand, compost, or fertilizer in with the soil, do so now before you place the plant in the hole. As quickly as possible, place the roots into the ground so that the top of the roots is just below ground level. Pour the soil back into the hole around the roots, packing it firmly as you go along. You must make sure that the soil is packed tightly enough around the plant so that it does not loosen and fall over. After the bush is securely planted into the ground, water it liberally but do not muddy the soil. Check the soil often during the first month after planting. You may wish to water the plant if the soil appears to be dry or if there has been an absence of rain. The bloom period for the Ice and Diamond varieties are between mid spring to mid autumn.