Growing Gardenias

Growing Gardenias for the Perfect Flower Garden

For a flower garden, Gardenias are a popular flower, which is why we wanted to provide helpful information for growing gardenias. This flower is one that looks beautiful and works in all types of gardens. In addition, Gardenias can be potted and grow indoors or placed in healthy soil and grown outdoors. This type of versatility is just one of the benefits associated with this particular plant.

The first step is to purchase healthy plants by going through a reputable nursery, gardening center, or online resource. You also want to choose the Gardenia variety that is rated to grow best for the part of the country where you live. You can research online or ask someone at your local gardening center about your zone and recommendations for the right Gardenia.

Once you have the specific varieties wanted, you next need to make sure you have prepared soil. Keep in mind, once this plant settles into its new home, it would not tolerate being moved. Growing Gardenias would be easier if the plant has well-balanced and healthy soil. Along with this, the Gardenia loves sunlight, preferring partial to full sun. When watering these plants, make sure the soil is moistened but not water logged.

For Gardenias to grow big and full, while staying healthy, the soil needs a lower pH level. Therefore, avoid placing your Gardenias in an area near patios, walkways, or anything else made from concrete. With this, pH levels would increase to a point of causing the plant to grow poorly, or even die. Additionally, once the plant is in the ground, add organic mulch for protection.

If you want to grow this plant indoors, make sure the container is sized according to the size of the plant. You would use good soil, preferably organic. Then, set the plant where it will get plenty of sunlight and when watering, you want the soil moist but not soaking wet. Some people believe that Gardenias are easier to grow indoors but with a few simple guidelines, they are also an ideal choice for outdoors.

The primary key to growing Gardenias has to do with the variety chosen. For instance, if you live in a part of the country rated as zones 8 through 10, then you would actually have a much easier time growing this plant. On the other hand, living in zones 6 and 7 would be more challenging due to colder climates. In this case, you could still enjoy Gardenias outside but you would need to choose a frost-proof variety that could handle the climate. Below are just a few examples of Gardenias that people love growing:

Gardenia Jasminoides – Also referred to as Cape Jasmine, this is an excellent choice for people living in South Carolina, Florida, or Georgia. The leaves are dark and glossy, and the blooms are large, beautiful, and fragrant. For colder climates, a frost-proof version of this Gardenia exists, which is also beautiful. In addition to being able to handle colder regions, the frost-proof variety has few problems with insects and Gardenia prone diseases.

Oregon Gardenia – This Gardenia is also called Chuck Hayes, which grows best in Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, and the northern region of California. Growing Gardenias of this variety results in large, double flowers that is known to produce three times the blooms as other Gardenias for these zones.