Growing Hibiscus

Great Tips For Growing Hibiscus

Growing hibiscus may be on your agenda for your garden this year.  Many people love to plant them because of their size and their beautiful colors.  You are going to start by selecting a hibiscus from a local nursery so that you can take it home and plant it.   You are going to want to select a color that you really enjoy and you are also going to need to speak to the nursery staff to determine how large it is going to get when it is mature.  You want to know this so that you can select the perfect location to plant it.

Try to select a place that has a lot of sun when you are growing hibiscus.  It will grow in the shade but it grows much better in the sun.  This also helps to ensure that it is going to have large, colorful blooms.  Once you have picked a location you will want to weed the area.  You are also going to want to add some organic compost to the soil to help with the growth as well.  Be sure that your soil is going to drain well.  This will help to ensure that they roots of your plant are not going to rot before your plant has an opportunity to die.

You will remove the plant that you just purchased from the container it was in by tapping on the sides of the container and lightly pulling on the stem of the plant.  You want to place the hibiscus into a hole that is a little bit deeper than the container which held the plant in the first place.  This will help make the plants roots take hold and begin to grow properly.  You will then cover the plant with soil by hand and press it firmly enough that the plant is not going to fall over.  You want it to be stable.

Once you have it in the ground and covered, you are going to want to take some mulch and cover the area.  This helps with moisture.  However, be sure that you do not let the mulch touch the plant stem because if it does it may cause disease to the plant.  You will then use a sprinkler or a drip hose to water the hibiscus.  Information on growing hibiscus explains that you should be careful not to wash away any soil while you are watering the plant.  You will need to water the plant every two or three days.

You should use a fertilizer on a regular basis with this plant.  You can ask the staff at the nursery about this.  They are going to be able to tell you how much and how often.  He or she may even simply recommend a certain type or brand of fertilizer.  At this point, you will be able to read the instructions on the back of the package and follow them.  Pruning is just as important as fertilizing.  You will do this by cutting off any old or dead limbs.  This allows room for new growth.  It also helps light and air circulate into the center of the plant so that it can reap the benefits from these things as well.  You will cut the limbs at an angle and you will cut down into the green part of the stem.  You can also cut them off like this and place them indoors in a vase so that it can brighten your home.

Growing hibiscus is not difficult, as you can see.  It just takes a little bit of prep work in order to select and prepare a location that is best for you.  It is well worth the time and effort to enjoy this plant in your garden for years to come.