Growing Orange Trees

Helpful Ideas for Growing Orange Trees

If you want an attractive row of trees in your yard that also produce fruit you can begin growing orange trees. Right before this tree sprouts out oranges the branches are covered in white, sweet smelling flowers that form clusters. This makes the tree something to look at all year round. It is probably the reason why so many people have these types of trees and why they are so popular.

When growing orange trees you will notice that they grow very fast. Even when starting an orange plant from the seed, they can sprout out and become small plants in weeks. They can reach up to fifty feet tall. They have long spindly branches and the leaves or foliage is a bright green color. But unfortunately only people who have moderate to very warm weather can enjoy growing orange trees.

Fifty to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature to grow these types of plants. If the temperature goes under twenty eight degrees for a week for example, it could damage or even kill the plant. So it is recommended that if the temperature will be low, to cover the tree until it goes back up. You can use any kind of tarp or even a temporary green house.

The placement of the plant also matters. The orange tree does best in direct sunlight. So plant it in an area that has no larger trees shading the plant. If you are growing a row of these trees together, make sure that they are placed far enough apart so the branches do not touch. Twenty five to fifty inches will give them ample room to grow but you may want to place them even further apart if you plan on being able to walk around them.

Orange trees like a lot of water but their root system doesn’t. You have to make sure that you place the plant on a small hill. You will want the tree to be elevated a bit over the rest of the yard. You can also make a small watering ring around the base of the plant. Measure about a foot away from the base of the tree and dig a trench or moat in a circle around the tree. It should only be around five inches deep. Add the water directly to this trench. This insures that the root system never becomes too wet. Even when it rains the water will pool in the ring and not at the base of the tree.

There are different types of oranges for different climates. You have to specifically ask when buying the plant, what type to use for your area. In Florida or Texas you can purchase the Valencia type oranges. In Washington and California, Washington navels thrive and flourish. There are also different breeds that fall into these categories like the parson brown or Hamlin. They can have different flavored fruits or they can be heartier types of oranges. They are also bred to specific areas.

If you do not live in a warmer climate you have the option to grow orange trees in a planter inside the home. The container should be the largest you can find and it also helps to fertilize the soil if it will be grown indoors. Although placing it in a window for light is a great idea you must also use a grow light when natural sun light isn’t available. During the winter months when days can be dreary and cold for long periods of time, a grow light is a must for the health of a plant.

Growing orange trees is not difficult. As long as they get sunlight and plenty of water you can enjoy the fruits of these plants for years to come.