Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Tips For Growing Tomatoes Indoors Properly

Growing tomatoes indoors is something that you may enjoy doing if you want to experience fresh tomatoes all year long.  This is the best thing you can do if you have harsh, cold winters and you are not able to continue the garden outside all year round.  You are going to be able to grow tomatoes in the winter time after reading this article.  As long as you have the right equipment you will be able to complete this task without any complications.

The first thing you are going to need to do when growing tomatoes indoors is find the proper location to do this.  You want you find a place in your home that is not going to have a lot of people running around.  You want them to be safe as they grow.  You may have a place in your garage or basement that people do not frequent.  This area would be the perfect place as long as it is warm.  You will want the temperature to be approximately 70 during the day and around 60 at night.  Once you have the location selected, you are going to need to buy a few growing lights.  Tomatoes need the light to grow properly.  You can buy these at any garden store or online if you do not want to shop around.

You will want to purchase seeds at your local nursery.  You will want to check the package to be sure that it says pot or container on it.  This means that they are going to grow very well in the containers that you are going to plant them in.  You will want to start the seeds in the containers with peat soil because that is going to give the plants the nutrition that they need.  You will place two or three seeds in each container.

Be sure to turn the lights on over your tomato plants for 12 to 14 hours a day.  This may be difficult for you to do if the times interfere with your daily schedule.  The easy way to take care of this issue is to purchase a simple timer that you can connect to the lights you bought.  This is going to turn the lights on and off automatically.  Once the plants are approximately three inches tall you will move them into larger containers so that they have plenty of room to continue growing.  You will also want to add fresh potting soil to the pots as well.  You will also want to separate the plants that have starting growing at this time.  If you have two or three that have sprouted in the small containers, place each one into its own container.

You will want to keep the plants watered frequently but not a lot of water at each time.  You will want to watch the plants for any signs of distress.  If they are beginning to look weak or as if they are dying, you will want to give them more water and even some liquid seaweed.  This can be purchased at the nursery as well.

When growing tomatoes indoors you are going to need to pollinate them.  You can do this by getting an electric toothbrush and lightly rubbing it on the blossoms of the plant.  You will want to do this about one time per week to keep them growing at a regular pace.  As they get larger, you may need to add some type of support to the plants to help keep them upright.  You can get tomato stakes for that and those will work just fine.

That is all there is to growing tomatoes indoors.  As long as you have the correct tools you will be able to enjoy fresh tomatoes all year long.  It is worth the effort if you enjoy them on salads or sandwiches. They would also make wonderful gifts in the winter time if you have friends and family that also enjoy them.