Hanging Flowers

Your Guide to Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers are great for a porch that has limited space.  It allows you to continue to have floor space while still enjoying having plants decorating your porch and outdoor areas.  Hanging plants are also great to have just outside of a sliding glass door because the hanging flowers will both give you a natural decoration and something to look outward to in quiet moments.



Choosing a Hanging Flower Plant

Not all plants work equally well for hanging plants.  You should look for plants that naturally tend to droop down towards the ground.  This will allow you work with the plant’s natural tendencies and allow you to maximize your growing power.  A plant that gracefully spills over the edge of the pot and hangs its stress like vines will work best for a hanging plant.

The best time to plant most flowers is in the spring when they are naturally about to expend energies growing.  This will give you the best chance to go to the nursery and find the best hanging plant for you.  Once you get to your nursery, you will want to get some advice in choosing a hanging plant.  You should get a plant that works best in the space that you have.  Most plants don’t like having strong afternoon light because it tends to be too strong for them and because it does not give the plants enough time for photosynthesis.

If you have a very shady porch, then you should get a plant that likes the shade.  If you get strong light or if it is very hot on your porch you should consider a resistant plant that can handle such extremes.  One trick that some hanging plant caretakers use is to remove their plant from the porch in the early afternoon, before the afternoon sun fills the porch too intensely.  The place them on inside hooks and then replace them in the morning for their daily watering.  This type of care, however, requires a great deal of discipline and time.  Most us have jobs and other responsibilities and simply cannot afford to spend that much time every day caring for our plants.

Hanging your Plant

You will also need to purchase the right kind of pot.  If you like to water your plants multiple times a day you should get a pot that drains out the bottom.  This is the most common kind of pot for a hanging plant.  It works well for hanging plants but it will not allow you to have anything on the ground beneath your pot because of dripping.

If you want something a little less work intensive, you should get a pot with a drainage plate on the bottom to catch and pool the water.  This will allow you to water your plant only once a day and for the water to get taken up naturally.

One of the important things to remember about flowering plants generally and hanging flowers specifically is that they don’t like to be watered on their leaves.  You should always try to water plants right into their soil.  Watering plants improperly may lead to a series of plant diseases.

When transferring your plant into its hanging pot, you will want to be sure to leave a little space at the top of the pot so that you can water more easily.  This is especially true if you are going to have indoor plants as it is easy to unintentionally overflow hanging flower plants during watering and thus creating unpleasant water stains on your carpet—a big “no-no” for renters.

If you take good care of your hanging plants, you will find that they add quite a bit of joy to your life.