Hardy Fuschia


Information on Hardy Fuchsia Plants

The hardy fuchsia is one of the most interesting and appealing flowers that you can find. These flower have been around for quite some time. Before they were common in other parts of the world, the fuchsia was used as a houseplant and grown in greenhouses throughout England.



Originally the hardy fuchsia was discovered growing in South American; it was then brought back to England and cultivated, eventually it grew in popularity until it was grown throughout Europe. While at the height of its popularity, there were actually several expeditions to South American just to collect samples of these flowers. It was also during this time that gardeners in Europe began to cultivate different varieties that were even more beautiful than the original.

These days you can find the hardy fuchsia in many more colors, and they are hardier than the original plant. Like many plants grown in Europe, the fuchsia eventually made its way to the United States. There are several varieties and some grow into bush like plants that will blossom from about May through December.

Over time these plants increased in popularity in the west, and eventually many breeder in California began cultivating the hardy fuchsia, forming the American Fuchsia Society in San Francisco. The new varieties of this plant are more resistant to cold so it is no longer necessary that they be grown only in greenhouses.

When growing hardy fuchsia it is necessary to take their particular needs in mind. In the wild these flowers will do most of their growing during the rainy season. They tend to need a highly humid and somewhat shady environment. The fuchsia needs to be well watered; the soil around the roots should be kept moist.

The hardy fuchsia needs a nighttime temperature of about 50F, and during the summer the temperature shouldn’t get above 75F. These flowers do not do well when in direct sunlight and hot summertime temps. During the winter these flowers don’t grow, but you will want to keep the temperature above 35F. You will also want to discourage early growth by not watering a lot during colder months. It is important that this bush not be exposed to frost, as it will kill it.

The potted hardy fuchsia is a little easier to grow due to the fact that you can better control the growing environment. When planting this bush in a container, you will want to ensure that the container is only big enough to accommodate the roots, and that when watering it will drain sufficiently.

When planting the hardy fuchsia you can use regular potting soil, as this soil will have all of the compounds needed to grow this bush successfully. As the bush grows you will need to replant in a larger container. If you are fortunately to have a greenhouse you will find that the fuchsia will grow quickly. During its growing season you should give it liquid fertilizer about once every two weeks. Mix the fertilizer with the water.

If the hardy fuchsia is cared for properly, it will grow to be one of the most beautiful plants that you have in hour home or garden.