Hawaiian Ginger

Interesting Facts About Hawaiian Ginger

There are several different types of Hawaiian ginger that you can select from when you decide you would like to plant this wonderful addition to your garden.  Ginger is often thought to be very exotic.  It is a perennial herb which is actually native to the south west coast of India.  Today it can be found in many of the tropical regions throughout the world.  However, the most expensive type of ginger actually comes from Australia.  This can also be used as a way to flavor food.  However, this is only one type of ginger.

The first type of Hawaiian ginger we will look at is blue ginger.  This is actually from Brazil but it has adapted very well to the Hawaiian Islands.  This type of ginger can grow up to three feet tall.  They have very deep blue, almost purple flowers and they are very easy to grow.  You can use simple soil for any garden center when you plant this flower.  You will also want to keep it in the shade because it does not like the sun and it can burn very easily.  Make sure that you feed this plant with a garden fertilizer and it will grow very well.

Next is the Kahili ginger.  It has a very nice scent and it has yellow flowers with bright red filaments.  When you plant this Hawaiian ginger you will want to make sure that you are planting the roots deep in the soil.  Keep this plant very moist and keep it in partial shade.  If you decide to put this plant outside you will want to make sure that it is in the shade.  Be sure to purchase a time released fertilizer and follow the instructions on the bag in order to feed the ginger.  Be sure to remember that even though this ginger does not grow in the winter, it will return in the spring.

Pink Hawaiian ginger is next.  This type is generally cut by florists and used in various flower arrangements.  If the plant is taken care of it can bloom year round and reach close to 15 feet.  The ideal temperature of pink ginger is 60 to 80 degrees.  Another type of ginger used by the floral industry is red ginger.  Finally, there is white ginger.  This flower is really white and it thought to resemble orchids.  It is often used in leis on the Hawaiian Islands.  It is also thought to be a symbol of love because of the scent that it produces.  You will want to ensure that all of the roots are covered when you plant this Hawaiian ginger.  Just as with Kahili, you will want to avoid placing it in direct sunlight and you will want to keep it moist.  Something to keep in mind with this plant is that the leaves may turn yellow.  If this happens you should cut the stem and a new one will begin to grow.

As previously mentioned, ginger can be used to flavor food.  However, it also has several other uses as well.  It can be used in aromatic oils, perfumes and medications.  It may be used as a home remedy for constipation, colds, headaches, sinus congestion, and gas.  Keep in mind that ginger is a stimulant that can improve digestion as well as appetite.  Ginger is very multi-functional and Hawaiian ginger can be beautiful if it is taken care of and grown properly.  Spend time researching the numerous types of Hawaiian ginger to ensure that you can give it the best care needed to help it flourish.