Heliotrope Flower

Beginner’s Guide to Growing the Heliotrope Flower

If you love growing flowers and appreciate something with a wonderful bloom and sweet fragrance, you should consider the Heliotrope flower.  This flower is from the Borage family that produces gorgeous, colorful blooms and provides a sweet scent during the entire blooming period.  You will also find that the Heliotrope flower is ideal for outdoor gardens and flowerbeds, as well as indoor containers.



Because the Heliotrope flower is scaled down, it makes the ideal choice for people living in an apartment or those without yard space by simply growing in a container or hanging pot.  While this type of flower has a long history, it was actually hard to find for many years but now, you can find the Heliotrope flower sold in most nurseries and gardening centers.  You can also choose from a variety of species, although most people prefer the traditional plant that produces dark purple flowers and deep green, wrinkled leaves.

Although many benefits come from growing the Heliotrope flower, having a slight scent of vanilla while bloomed is at the top of the list.  Other benefits include ease of care, and the plant’s reliability to bloom.  The fragrance is so unique that some people many years ago fondly called this flower the cherry pie plant.  However, it has also been known as “turnsole” because of the way the leaves and flowers seem to turn to the west where the sun is but then after the sun goes down, the flowers and leaves again turn to face east.

When growing the Heliotrope flower, several things need to be considered such as:

Because the Heliotrope flower is an annual, it will only provide one year of enjoyment but you can then toss the dead plant out or put it in a compost pile, followed by growing a new plant.  Although some people try to take cuttings prior to the plant dying, this is usually challenging and considering you can buy a new plant for less than $5, it makes more sense to simply replace the old Heliotrope flower with a new one.