Hemlock Mulch

Discover the Advantages of Hemlock Mulch

Hemlock mulch made in your own garden is a fantastic little helper to grow flowers and plants. It keeps the soil moist and warm, a requirement for many beautiful plants. In fact, frosty winters will be no problem if you ensure that a layer of hemlock mulch is keeping the roots of delicate flowers warm and enable them to survive.

Hemlock mulch will rot slowly and this process creates the warmth that is desperately needed during cold winters. Another great advantage of hemlock mulch is the prevention of unwanted weed that has no chance to grow through a thick layer. By using mulch you save time and efforts and your garden sort of takes care of itself. Flower beds look very neat and well looked after when they are nourished and surrounded by high quality mulch which can be purchased in stores if you are not owner of a hemlock tree.

Improving Your Soil

The top 30-60cm of your garden soil usually contains a high amount of humus, sand and clay. To keep the soil energised and enable plants to grow successfully for many years, it is important to support it in an environmentally friendly way. So what is better than organic material such as hemlock mulch?

Mulch improves the water balance in loose soil and adds more oxygen to very firm types of earth. The substances are absorbed by roots and are an important source of nutrition for your garden. It also supports essential little animal helpers that feed on mulch and sustain the growth of your plants.

Mulch is one of the best ways to help you in the garden because it is such a healthy, effective and organic method. About 2-5cm of mulch layer should be put on top of the soil and the decaying process will commence soon.

Mulch Saves Time

Nutritious soil does not only make your beautiful flowers and plants grow, but also unwanted weed. This is an issue for many gardening hobbyists because most of us have busy lifestyles, a job, family and other social responsibilities. Gardening is a hobby on the side and we can only invest a certain amount of time to keep it clean and gorgeous. Thus, mulch can be your little garden angel! Before spreading the mulch you must remove all unwanted roots and plants, and you must be very precise. Once that is done and the mulch layer is spread, most weed never comes back. The amount that makes it through the thick layer is so little that it can simply be picked out by hand without costing you a whole day.

Save Water with Mulch

Without water, there cannot be any life. Thus, your garden needs a lot of it, especially when you live in a hot or dry climate area. Water is precious though and a large amount of it simply evaporates before it can even get to the roots. A very effective way to avoid wasting water is hemlock mulch because it stores fluids and keeps the soil beneath soft and loose. Rain is not dangerous anymore because the earth will not become too heavy and soaked up, while watering is more effective as the mulch stores most of it and dispenses it gradually.

But What Exactly is Hemlock Mulch?

The term 'mulch' is not related to a particular substance but it rather describes the actual layer that is spread on top of the soil. Mulch can consist of many different things such as manure, hay, compost and gardening waste. Hemlock mulch however is gained from a tree (hemlock) by removing the outer rind from the trunk. Many types of trees can produce this type of bark that can be used as mulch and it is much nicer to look at than the other alternatives mentioned before. You can either gain hemlock mulch from your own tree or purchase it in professional gardening stores. The mulch gained from trees lasts about one year, and the layer that covers the soil should be around 5cm thick to be successful.