How To Cook Cabbage

Have you ever wondered how to cook cabbage?  It may be intimidating to purchase a head of cabbage at the grocery store if you are not exactly sure what to do with it when you get it home.  This article will explain some easy ways to prepare cabbage so that you and your family can enjoy it more often.  You will no longer pass it by in the supermarket because you will be excited to get started.

The first thing you are going to want to do is cut the cabbage into four parts so that you can remove the center core.  Once you have done this, you are going to cut the cabbage into whatever size you need for your recipe.  Then, rinse it off in water to get off any dirt.  Now you are ready to apply the cabbage to the recipe of your choice.

If you would like to have cabbage with pork you can shred it into fine pieces and then cut apples into small pieces to go with it.  You will then add two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of vinegar.  You will allow all of this to cook on the stove slowly for approximately one hour.  When your cabbage only has about ten minutes left to cook you will add two tablespoons of wine to the mixture.  This is great as a side dish.

If you enjoy cabbage and you want it to be used as a low calorie meal or side dish you can begin by cutting it and washing it as before.  You will then cover it and cook it for about eight minutes, or until it is soft.  You will then drain the cooked cabbage and add one third of a cup of lemon juice and one fourth of a cup of prepared mustard.  It is then ready to serve.

So are you still wondering how to cook cabbage?  Well, try this next recipe.  It is very easy and it has wonderful cabbage flavor if it is prepared correctly.  What you want to remember is that if you cook cabbage to long it will have a very strong smell.  Therefore, you are going to want to get the water boiling and then add the cabbage until it is starting to get tender and soft.  At that point you need to remove it from the water.  Simply add butter and salt and pepper.  How easy is that?

Finally, it is possible to make a stew or soup out of nothing but cabbage.  You will do this by adding the cabbage to one and one half cups of milk and letting it simmer for approximately two minutes.  You will remove the cabbage and add two tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons of melted fat to the milk.  Stir this together.  Add the cabbage back into the mixture and let it cook for three or four minutes until it become thick.  Now your cabbage stew is ready.

As you can see, learning how to cook cabbage is not that difficult.  It is very simple and it can be used a meal itself or as a simple side dish to be enjoyed by all.  Look for easy recipes like the ones discussed here.  Just remember that timing is everything.  You do not want to let your cabbage cook to long because you do not want it to be strong tasting.  This will turn your family off right off the bat and they may never eat it again.  Take your time to make something fun and interesting with a lot of flavor.  No one likes to eat the same thing all the time.  Why not make things interesting and fun at dinner tonight?