How To Dry Roses

Three Methods of How to Dry Roses

There are many reasons someone may want to learn how to dry roses. Perhaps they want another way to memorialize a family member who has died. They may be trying to find a creative addition for their wedding scrapbook, or they may just want to add some long lasting beauty around their home.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that it is not difficult to learn how to dry roses the correct way. Three methods of drying roses will be discussed below. Give them all a try and then decide which method works best for your purposes.

Air Drying

This is probably the simplest way to dry roses. If someone is asking how to dry roses for the first time, this is what they should try as it is pretty much foolproof.

First remove all of the stems and leaves from the flowers. Then, tie a small bunch of roses together. You will not want to tie the roses too tightly. Remember, air must reach every part of each of the roses. For that reason, it is important that the roses be tied loosely.

Hang the bunch of roses upside down in a room that is dark and dry. Once you notice that the stems are quite rigid, they flowers are ready to use. This drying process typically takes somewhere between one and two weeks.


This method of how to dry roses is popular with those who wish to keep a flower from a funeral or memorial service. The flower can be kept in a book, such as a Bible, to serve as a reminder of family and friends who have passed away.

This works best with an individual flower, but some choose to press small bunches. Place two pieces of wax paper in a book and place the flower, or flowers, between the sheets of wax paper. Close the book and set something heavy on top of it.

After a couple of weeks, the flowers will be dried.

Sand Drying

This is the most difficult of the three methods, but some find the results to be worth the extra effort. The reason for the superior results is that the sand helps the roses keep their shape as they are drying. This produces dried flowers that are a bit more natural looking.

Here is how to dry roses using this method. After selecting the roses you want to dry, trim all but about an inch from the stems. You will then place a wire up through the stem and into the rose. Next, place the rose into a box full of white sand. There should be enough sand in the box to allow the rose to remain upright.

Next, add more of the sand until the roses are completely covered. Place the box in a dry and dark room. After a couple of weeks, the roses should be ready. Be very gentle when pouring out the sand as dried roses are quite delicate.

The three above methods of how to dry roses will be able to provide you with beautiful dried flowers for a variety of uses and occasions. If it doesn’t work well the first time you try it, it might just be because the room was too humid or you didn’t allow enough time for the drying process.

Try again until you have perfected each method of how to dry roses and you’ll be able to have beautiful flower arrangements all year long.