How To Eat Figs

Figs are a very unique fruit leaving most people pondering how to eat figs. These historical fruits have been around for quite a while and are native to Europe—specifically the Mediterranean areas. However, they first appeared within the United States during the late part of the 1500s. The Spanish settlers transported these fruits to the country and they have been around this area ever since. There are a variety of answers to the question of how to eat figs; not only are they great raw but they can frequently be found dried and in multiple different recipes. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about how to eat figs so that the next time you run across a fig tree you can confidently grab one or two for later consumption.

There are honestly a variety of different ways to eat figs. Within the United States most are only aware of the word “fig” in referring to the Fig Newton cookies. Although this is an example of dried fig, there are multiple more options for consuming figs. In order to find this delicious fruit, it is recommended that you leave your grocery store junk food aisle and head to the fruit section or outdoors in search of a fig tree.

Before eating any fruit you want to make sure it is ripe; therefore, when planning to eat a fig selection is essential. For best results, you will want to pick a fig that is soft to the touch and easily gives when you poke it. Be sure to handle them gently because these fruits are very quick to bruise making them quite fragile. The figs should also be fragrant, but obviously with a sweet smell not a rotting one. Make sure to avoid any fig that is hard or appears molded. Furthermore, also avoid the particular fruit if it looks to have rips in the external layer that appear very deep. However, their fragility makes them very likely to have a few scratches here and there that will not affect the overall quality of the fruit. Figs will only last a few days after becoming fully ripe so plan to consume them quickly. Like many fresh fruits, figs do grow on trees and are ready for consumption after a quick washing. Which brings us to the next topic of this article: How to eat figs that are fresh.

One of the best ways to eat a raw fig is by washing and then eating them skin and all from the palm of your hand. Even the seeds inside are completely edible. However, if you dislike the texture of the fig, feel free to remove the peeling before consumption. Along with eaten raw, figs are also served as hors d’oeuvres or even wrapped in bacon. Believe it or not, these figs great for baking but do not use them for desserts that contain gelatin since it will prevent it from setting properly. Furthermore, these figs are highly nutritious and prove to be a great source of iron, calcium, as well as fiber.

In conclusion, when asking how to eat figs note that there are multiple methods for consuming this delicious, highly nutritious, and sweet fruit. Not only can you eat them raw (skin, seeds, and all), but also you can place them within recipes and bake them in the oven for a sweet addition to your baked goods. This fruit is not extremely well known throughout the United States with the exception of the Fig Newton cookies; however, with their ability to be baked and consumed raw, while containing an amazing nutritional value, it is recommended that you add this sweet fruit to your diet.