How To Ripen Avocados

How to ripen avocados may be a question that you have asked yourself in the past.  There have been numerous different ideas on how to do this circulating over the years.  Some of them have originated from housewives that wanted to use their fruit before it was ripe.  They spent a lot of time developing different ways to speed up this process.  If you want to know how to ripen avocados you can read through this article and try some of the suggestions.  Maybe some of them will work for you.

Most of the time, when you buy an avocado in the store, it is going to be hard and unripe.  This is often done so that it will not bruise and/or spoil before they are purchased by the consumer.  However, this really does not help you if you want to use it that day.  You will want to test the avocado before you buy it.  Squeeze it lightly.  If it does not give, you know that it is not ripe and needs a few more days.  If you leave a thumb print in it you know that it is overripe.  This is ok if you want to smash it for a dish you are making.

The first recommendation is to place the avocado in foil and rap it up.  You will then place it on the counter and let it sit for a few days.  Make sure that you are checking the fruit regularly to make sure that it is not over ripe.  If the avocado is really hard this can take anywhere from five to nine days to achieve the ripeness you are looking for.  However, if it is later in the season and it is already softening, it may take one to four days.

Another option you have is to leave the fruit lying on the counter.  The CO2 from the air will help the fruit ripen to where it can be enjoyed.  Some people will even try the trick that is also used with bananas.  This involves taking the avocado and placing it into a brown paper bag with an apple.  You will not need to cut the apple or slice it, just simply place it into the bag and close it tightly.  This traps the gases in the bag and is believed to speed the process up.   If you do not have a brown paper bag, you could consider using a newspaper as this is thought to have the same effect on your fruit.

Information on how to ripen avocados also gives information on how to slow the process down and how to store the avocado if it is already ripe.  It is very important to remember that you should never place this fruit in the refrigerator if it is hard and you want it to ripen.  When it is placed in the cold temperatures it will not ripen.  However, this is a good way to store it if you are not going to need to use it for a few days and you do not want it to get to ripe.  You can also do this to slow the process down if it is already ripe and you are not ready to use it.

As you can see, ripening avocados is very similar to ripening other fruits.  You can always start with the paper bag trick and see what happens.  You may find that this works very well for you and you will use it again.  Remember that it does take a long time for an avocado to ripen.  Because of this, you are not going to want to purchase one that is really hard if you need to use it the following day.