Hydroponic Strawberries

The Joy of Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

While there are different methods for growing strawberries, hydroponic strawberries are unique but also delicious.  The word “hydroponic” is derived from a Greek word, “hydro”, which translates to water, and “ponos”, which means labor.  With this method, plants are grown to maturity but without using soil.  To get required nutrients, they are added to the water fed to the strawberry plants.  While this method was originally used by commercial growers, today, it is used by hobbyists as well.

One of the great things about growing hydroponic strawberries is that they can be grown all year long.  Because of this, you can enjoy sweet and juicy strawberries whenever you want, not just during the summer months.  While this is certainly a huge benefit, many other advantages go along with this growing method.  For example, some of the positive aspects include:

If hydroponic strawberries appeals to you, you will need to follow specific growing rules, such as the following:

You can certainly grow this fruit during limited months outdoors but if you love strawberries and want to enjoy them all year long, this type of system is an exceptional value.  Hydroponic strawberries are easier to grow and even when it comes time to pick them, the plants are at a level that eliminates the need to stoop down so this is a great solution for the elderly and people that have back problems.