Iris Reticulata

All about the Iris Reticulata

The iris reticulata is planted in the form of a bulb and it grows into an amazing bloom that will draw your eyes to it immediately.  It is native to northern and southern Turkey and it can get as large as a half of a foot tall.  If you have never seen one, it is worth looking them up in order to look at pictures because it is simply breath taking.  You are going to notice that it is a purplish color and it has gold in the center of it.  These colors look well together.

The bulbs of the iris reticulata are often planted in the fall in a rich soil. You will want to keep them relatively dry so that they will not rot.  This gives the bulbs and opportunity to begin setting and growing roots.  You also need to make sure that they are being planted in an area that will be getting full sun.  The bulbs need to be planted approximately four inches deep and you need to plant them approximately four inches away from each other.

You do have the option with the iris reticulata to separate the flowers at the bulb and plant them in different locations. However, if this is going to be done, it should only be done when the flower is no longer blooming.  You do not want to take the chance of harming the flower and killing it.  It may be easier just to plant new bulbs each year so that you are guaranteed healthy, beautiful plants.

It is very important to give the iris reticulata fertilizer when you have first planted it in bulb form.  You can always talk to nursery staff about the type of fertilizer that you need to give it and how much.  This may also be a good idea when it is starting to bloom so that it will continue to get the nutrition it needs.  You may even want to consider using a time released fertilizer that last within the soil for a longer amount of time.

When you first plant the bulbs of the iris reticulata, you will want to mark the area in some way so that you know where the flower bulbs are located.  You do not want to continually walk over this area and harm the bulbs.  You can use some type of a marker or tag and place it in the ground so that you know where they are planted.  This will help you remember to water and fertilize them as well.

You can place this flower in your garden or you can even plant them in a pot on your porch.  Either way you go, they are going to be amazing and beautiful.  They are going to add height to your landscape.  You may even notice that they have a nice, sweet, faint smell that you can barely notice.  Once your iris has started to grow and reach its full height, you may even want to consider cutting it and placing it within a vase in your home.  That would be a great way to add color and beauty to your kitchen table.

When you experiment with new flowers you may feel overwhelmed and a little bit nervous.  However, if you follow some of the simple tips that were discussed in this article you will be fine.  You should also remember that there is always a lot of information available on the internet related to how to plant and grow new and exciting flowers.  The information is there and it is free.  Take the time to find it and use it.