Italian Cypress Trees

Trimming Italian Cypress Trees

Italian cypress trees are very popular because they are actually very easy to care for.  They generally grow very straight and they do not need a lot of maintenance.  However, there are times when you may want to trim this tree in order to keep it straight and neat looking.  Trimming a tree can be overwhelming the first time that you do it.  Therefore, there are often a few things that you will want to know before you begin.


Common sense tells you that you are only going to be able to trim one side of the tree at a time.  You are going to need to look at your tree and determine which side you would like to trim first.  You may want to do the side that needs the most work first because if you do not get to the other side, you will have at least made some process.

Once you have decided where you would like to start you will want to get your ladder out.  You need to prop it up against the tree.  Select a location that is going to allow you some stability so that you are not uneven. You do not want the ladder to fall over. You may even want to ask someone to hold the ladder for you.

When trimming Italian cypress trees you need to start at the bottom of the tree.  Decide which branches are growing out rather than up.  These are the branches that you want to remove.  It is important to trim the branches from the outer part of the tree.  If you are cutting the branches from the inner part of the tree you may cause the tree to start turning brown.  You will also be opening up the tree for others to see the trunk and you do not want that to happen either.

You will continue this process all of the way up the tree.  You may need to get off of your ladder, step back and look at the tree from time to time to ensure you are going in the right direction.  This is not a difficult task but you do not want your tree to be uneven.  When you have finished the first side you will move onto the other side.  Repeat the process until you have trimmed the entire tree.

Italian cypress trees are known to grow very fast.  That is one thing that makes them so unique and enjoyed by many.  They can also grow to be approximately 60 feet tall so they will definitely add height to their surroundings.  Many people will often plant them in rows in order to create a beautiful barrier to their home.  They are generally uniformed in shape so they always look great planted together.  They also keep all of their leaves for the entire year.  You do not need to worry about pine needles on the ground or dead leaves in the fall.  Because they keep their leaves they definitely create privacy when they are planted around your home.

These trees are not difficult to find but they may not grow well in all areas.  It is best to make sure that they will grow in your region before you get your heart set on these trees.  Just because you can order them online and have them shipped to you does not mean they will last once they arrive.  It is always best to research this before you spend money on something that you can not use.  If they will not survive in your location you can find out what types of similar trees will and plant them.  Something similar is better than nothing at all.