Ivy Geraniums

How to Take Care of Ivy Geraniums

Many people enjoy growing ivy geraniums because they do very well in planters and they spread very well.  They tend to look like vines and they have a very elegant look to them.  You will often find them in locations such as restaurants because of the beautiful appearance that they give off.  This article is going to explain how to care for your flowers so that they will look beautiful for a long time.

You will start by finding the container that you want to plant them in.  Then you will get some soil and fill the bottom half of the container one quarter of the way full, spreading the soil evenly.  You will then pick out the color that you would like for your ivy geraniums.  Once you have selected this, you place the seeds in the bottom of the container.  You will want to plant the seeds a few inches apart from one another.  Be sure that they have plenty of room to expand and grow in the planter that you have selected.

Now that the seeds of the ivy geraniums have been placed where you want them, you are going to finish covering the seeds with soil.  Fill the soil to the top of the planter that you selected.  You can add some plant food or pellets to the top of the planter and then water them.  This is going to help your plants grow strong and healthy.  When the soil is wet you will take your hands and lightly pat it down.  This is going to ensure that they seeds are nice and tight in the bottom of the box.

As your ivy geraniums grow, you are going to need to keep them watered.  This is very important.  However, you want to make sure that your soil is going to drain well so that they plant does not get to much water and die.  If you are going to want to replant any more ivy geraniums, you can do this by cutting some roots off of your current plants.  They tend to grow very well with this method and you may find that it is easier than starting from a seed.

Growing ivy geraniums is not very hard to do as long as you have good soil and a proper size container to grow them in.  You can always purchase seeds and start there or you could purchase a plant that is already in bloom and take your chances with root cutting.  If you are unclear about any particular step related to growing these plants you can always research the topic on the internet or talk to someone at your local nursery.  These plants are worth the effort and really do not need a lot of maintenance once they have started growing. It is easy to see why they would be used in hotels and restaurants because they give a wonderful look with very little effort.

If you have large window boxes or hanging baskets that can go around your home, you may be interested in decorating your house with ivy geraniums. Once you get started and see their elegance you are going to wonder why you never had them before.  Just keep in mind that if you live in a location where the temperature gets to be over 80 degrees during the day, you may want to move your plants to a cooler location when it gets that hot.  They will do well when it is in the 70s but they do not grow very well when it gets to hot.  Be sure to keep them watered and move them to a cooler location when it is really warm outside.