Killing Weeds

Your Guide to Killing Weeds

Killing weeds can become an obsession for some amateur gardeners while others seem barely to worry about these pesky garden pests.  Some claim that weeds mean the difference between big beautiful tomatoes while others claim that there is no need to obsess about killing weeds in every corner of the garden because a few weeds may actually be salubrious to the overall health of the garden, kind of like an inoculation against worse problems later on.  Most of us, however, just want to get rid of weeds and get to good the stuff, growing a beautiful vegetable garden and watching the flowers bloom.  So what are the best ways of killing weeds?


Picking the Right Spot

One of the best ways to minimize the amount of time you spend killing weeds is to pick a good spot right from the start.  Certain places in your yard may border areas where it is difficult to keep weeds from growing because of a negligent neighbor or because you have plants that attract weeds.

Once you have found a good spot, one of the best ways to prevent weeds is thoroughly to clear out weeds before you even begin planting.  This can be a time consuming project, but a bit of work in the beginning can prevent ten times the labor later.  In addition, once you have started to grow the plants you like, it becomes more difficult killing weeds without damaging your vegetable plants.  Before you have started growing your own plants, you can eradicate weeds with impunity using chemical agents and turning up the earth in any way that you would like.

Another way to help prevent weeds is to find a garden spot that has a clear border separating it from other areas so that you can keep a barrier between your garden and encroaching weeds as much as possible.

On Chemical Agents

One of the easiest ways of killing weeds is to employ chemical agents.  This method, however, is ideal only at the very beginning of a garden.  If you intend to eat the vegetables that you pull from your garden, you do not want to rely on chemical agents since you must take into consideration the fact that the soil is the food of your plants.  This means that when you use chemicals to kill things in your soil, you are poisoning your plant’s food, and if you eat the vegetables from your garden you are, in effect, poisoning yourself.

Identifying Weeds

Another difficulty that some gardeners have is identifying weeds.  Many weed-like plants have taken on a rather pleasant appearance, making them more desirable to certain gardeners.  Identify these plants, making sure you know what is growing in your garden and eradicate those growths that will be harmful to your plants.


The best way of killing weeds is ultimately and unfortunately the most labor intensive—actually getting your hands dirty in the soil pulling them out by the roots.  If you really come to love you garden, you will learn to take satisfaction in weeding it.  Although it is difficult labor, pulling weeds from the ground and tracking them back to their sources is the best way to insure the health and longevity of your plants.  The more you get into it, the more pleasure you will take in surveying your garden after a really good weeding and you will feel like you have accomplished a worthwhile task.  Like a well-vacuumed floor, a well-weeded garden has a satisfyingly clean look that makes the heart of the true gardener flutter with pride and joy.