Korean Lilac

All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Korean Lilac

The Korean lilac is a beautiful lilac bush that only reaches to be approximately five foot in height. This could be a wonderful addition to any small garden.  It can also be kept pruned so that it is even smaller if five foot is too large for your garden.  The wonderful blooms are what usually attract people to the lilac as they have a wonderful scent.  The only problem is, once the bush is done blooming there really is nothing attractive about the bush.  However, this is not the case with the Korean lilac.  When the large purple blooms are gone, it will produce bright yellow foliage.

Many people may wonder what causes the Korean lilac to smell so good.  By looking at the flower itself you can easily see where the scent is coming from.  A single plume of the brush has a center stem.  This center stem is then branched off on the end into two tube like parts that appear to hold the bud.  Each bud looks like it is divided into four parts and they unfold into oval shape flowers.  The buds at the bottom will begin to open first and then it will spread to the top of the flower.  The scent comes from molecules that the plant will produce on its own.  These can be extracted from the plant and used in various essential oils.

The best time to plant this bush is in the early spring months ranging from mid-May to early June.  This in not a hard plant care for.  Therefore, even someone who is new to gardening can take care of this plant.  The Korean lilac does well in most any soil and it can withstand most diseases and pollution that may actually kill any other types of lilac bushes.  The Korean lilac needs roughly four to six hours of sunlight a day.  The sunlight will help keep the plant from getting a disease that can kill it.  This is a powdery mildew that will leave a grey film on the plant.  This can also develop more easily in areas where the days are very humid and the nights are cool.  You should also plant them ten to fifteen feet apart.  This will give them the air circulation that they need in order to grow properly.

You can cut the blooms off of the lilac and place them in a vase in you home.  This is a beautiful centerpiece and it can make you home smell great.  You do want to make sure that if you are going to be cutting blooms off of the bush you are not continually cutting them from the same area.  This will leave a bald spot on the bush and it will take away from the beauty of the tree.  The purple flowers and the yellow foliage to follow would look great in any garden and can be easily maintained.  You should spend time researching the numerous types of lilac bushes that are available in your area.  There are so many to pick from that you will want to get all of the specifics on each one.  Make sure that you know what type of soil it needs.  Ask questions related to the amount of sun that is needed and how much water is required to help it thrive.  Consider the space that you have available as well.  You do not want to have a tree, or shrub, that is not going to fit nicely where you want it to go.  You also want to make sure that it has the room it needs to grow to its fullest potential.