Lettuce Types

How Many Lettuce Types Are There?

When you are considering making a salad for the evening you may be thinking about all of the lettuce types that are actually out there.  What is interesting is that lettuce is a member of the daisy family but it is usually grown as a vegetable.  Most people will eat all types of lettuce in their raw form.  It is most often used in salads along with other vegetables.

Butterhead lettuce is usually full of several heads, that are not tight, and the leaves give off a buttery flavor that some people may not be use to.  Chinese lettuce is used in dishes like stir fry or stews.  It does not form a head like butterhead lettuce and its leaves are long and shaped like a sword.  It seems to have more of a bitter flavor than other lettuce types.  Crisphead is also called iceberg lettuce and it has a lot of leaves that are very close together.  It is going to look a lot like cabbage when you see it.  There is not a lot of flavor and it seems to be very crisp when it is eaten.  Romaine lettuce has a very long, hard rib that runs down through the middle of the lettuce.  It may also be called cos and it will tolerate heat.  This is a lot different than other lettuce types that have already been discussed.

If you are considering growing any lettuce types in your garden you are going to want to get specifics for each kind that you intend to grow.  This is very important because each type of lettuce may require a different type of soil or maintenance.  You will not want to plant different types of lettuce beside one another if they are going to have different needs that you are going to need to meet.  It is most important to fully understand how much space each type is going to need as well as their water requirements.  Not all lettuce is going to respond well to drought like conditions so you are going to need to keep it watered.

What do you want your lettuce for?  If you are planning cooking you may be interested in growing Chinese lettuce.  However, if you want the lettuce for salads then you may consider a simple iceberg lettuce.  Next, you will want to identify what zone you live in.  Then you will be able to verify why lettuce types are available in your area.  You can find lettuce plants, or seeds, and begin to get your garden ready.  Be sure to read all information before you begin so that you are ready to go as soon as you have your plant or your seeds.  You can always ask someone at the nursery what lettuce types they carry.  You can then tell them what your garden is like or where you intend to grow it.  Once he or she has that information they may be able to tell you exactly how to care for it.

Now that you know what types of lettuce are actually available you may be wondering what they all taste like.  You can spend some time at the supermarket looking for different types of lettuce. Make it a point to purchase different kinds and begin experimenting with them.  You may find out that you enjoy different types of lettuce and you may find that there are several things that you can actually do with this leafy green vegetable.  Finding new and exciting things can make cooking exciting and fun.  You will never know if you do not try.  You may even find out that your children enjoy different types as well.