Lilac Trees

Everything you need to know about Lilac Trees

If you need a bit of privacy or shading in your yard, lilac trees can give you both. These trees have bright green to gold foliage and beautiful purple flowers. Different varieties of Lilac trees come in different colors such as pink or even white. But they all have one thing in common. They have a powerful, pleasant fragrance that can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

You can either use these plants for one specific area or use them as a hedgerow to surround your property for privacy reasons. You can purchase the plants in a dwarf style, that grows up to around eight feet or go for the regular size trees that can grow up to thirty feet. If you give lilac trees just a little attention these plants can live and thrive for many years to come.

These trees are easy to take care of. They do not need a lot of maintenance but there are a few rules to follow. When planting the lilacs, make sure that they are spaced out enough to grow. Every plant should be placed three to four feet apart. They love water but they need to be placed in an area where the soil drains easily. All types of lilac trees grow poorly when their roots become saturated, so make sure that no puddles form around the plants when watering.

Insects can also affect these plants in a bad way and cause damage to the tree. As soon as you see any type of menacing bug you should treat the plant. You can use a solution of a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in a gallon of water. Shake the contents to mix the solution up and make sure it is bubbly. Spray the buds and foliage with the soapy water using a garden sprayer. This should cure the problem but if it doesn’t try pruning back the plant a bit and then try spraying once again.

If the lilac plant is becoming too big or wide you will need to prune the plant. If you to do a few times during the growing season, it helps the tree grow. This keeps the plant healthy and it is easier to get water to the entire plant. It also helps with bug infestation. But be careful when pruning these trees. Always remember that you cannot prune more then one third of the plant away. If you do you may risk causing irreversible damage to the plant. If you feel you need to prune too much of the plant, do it in steps. Every few weeks prune only a little area. Continue this until you get the plant down to the size you want it to be.

One good thing about lilac trees is they are easy to replant. If you already have a tree on your property and want the exact same type of plant, you can use a shoot form the original plant to start another. If you dig down to the root area of the plant you can get a shoot. Make sure the roots are attached to it and replant it approximately three to four feet away from the original plant. Keep an eye on the new plant and keep it watered. You may have to stake the plant to make sure it grows upright. Use a long stick as a stake and some old rags to tie up the tree. When the tree becomes stable, you can remove the stake.

Lilac trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. They are great for privacy but the main reason most people love these plants is for their incredible pleasing fragrance.