Lisianthus Flower

Caring for the Lisianthus Flower

The lisianthus flower is a wonderful flower to use in the home or as a cut flower.  Many people enjoy these flowers because they last a very long time.  They are usually 18 to 30 inches tall, but there are dwarf flowers that will grow a little bit smaller than this.  This article is going to look at how this flower in more detail and explain some of the things that you should remember when you are taking care of it.

If you have the single form of lisianthus flower it is going to look like a tulip when it is blooming.  If you have the double form of this flower it is going to look more like a rose.  There are numerous different colors that you can select if you decide to get one of these flowers for your home.  You may want to look for a color that is going to look well in a certain area of your home.  They can be a wonderful accent to any room.

The lisianthus flower really thrives when it is kept moist.  It also does well when it is planted in soil that is going to drain well.  You will want to start planting it in the spring and you will need to keep each flower approximately six inches apart from one another.  Be sure to give the flowers a lot of water when they are first placed into the ground.  You will also need to keep it watered very well in the days following the planting so that it will have enough moisture.

As far as fertilizer goes, you have two options.  You can either work some slow release fertilizer into the soil when you first plant the flower or you can add fertilizer to the flowers every four to six weeks.  The flower is going to need this in order to bloom and reach its fullest potential.  If you are going to give it fertilizer every few weeks, you will want to write it down somewhere so you do not forget about it.  This is a rule of thumb for all flowers that you have.  They need the fertilizer to thrive so do not forget it.

Trimming the flower is also going to help it last longer and grow larger.  You will want to keep an eye on the lisianthus flower and cut it back every now and then.  If you notice that it is getting a little dry on the ends or the leaves are turning brown, cut it back some.  This is going to stimulate new growth.  You may also want to prop the flower up with a stick or another type of support. This is going to help it remain strong and grow very tall.

This flower is going to look great in your garden as well as in your home.  As long as you take the time to give it the attention that it needs it will be fine.  The most important things to remember are the fact that it is going to need water, fertilizer and space to grow.  You will want to make sure that you are able to give the flower all of these things before you purchase it.  You can grow these wonderful flowers in your garden and then cut them and put them in a vase in your home.  They are going to look wonderful.

If you are interested in this flower you can look online or at the nearest nursery to find them.  You can also talk to a worker about your garden layout.  Ask them where they would recommend planting it.  You may also want to find out if it is prone to any certain bugs or diseases.  This is going to help you prepare for any complications that may arise in the future.