Mammoth Sunflower

Tips for Growing a Mammoth Sunflower Garden

Growing a Mammoth Sunflower garden isn’t too difficult if you know the secrets to growing sunflowers that are huge and well developed. Mammoth sunflowers can grow several feet tall; not only are these flowers good for harvesting sunflower seeds, but they are also beautiful. They can be grown in large flower patches, but some people like to grow these along fences as a type of privacy barrier.

Pick Your Garden Spot - If you are growing a Mammoth Sunflower garden in order to harvest the seeds you will want a large plot of land so the flowers will have plenty of room to grow. You will probably not want other garden areas too close to where you are growing the sunflowers as they have a habit of seeding in nearby areas when the wind blows the seeds. It isn’t uncommon to have several large sunflowers growing in your vegetable garden if the two gardens are too close together. If you are growing the Mammoth Sunflower as a fence border you will want to plant them close enough together that they do provide some privacy, but not so close that their growth with be hampered. Another important aspect of picking a garden location is how much sun the location gets. For good growth sunflowers need at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun each day.

Preparing the Soil – You will need an area where that will drain well, you will also want to ensure that the soil is rich and full of nutrients. For each Mammoth Sunflower you plant you will want to dig an area about two feet in diameter, it will then have to be about two feet deep. The reason that it’s important that the sunflowers have plenty of rich soil is that they will drain the nutrients from the soil quickly. Depending on the area you are planting the sunflowers it may be necessary to add compost, as well as fertilizer when preparing the soil for planting.

Planting the Mammoth Sunflower – When growing large sunflower varieties it is best to plant the seeds directly into the grown as apposed to starting them in pots. The earlier in the season you can plant your flowers the better. A good rule would be to plant as soon as the temperature is staying above 50F at night. If you plant too late your flowers may not grow as tall as they should. In colder regions the best time to plant the Mammoth Sunflower would be in late May or early June, of course in warmer regions you can plant even earlier. When planting, you will first want to water the soil, you can then press the seeds into the soil about 1-inch, approximately 6 to 8-inches apart.

Thinning the Seedlings – After planting you will want to keep the soil most until the seedlings appear; this should be in about 5 to 10 days. When the seedlings are about 3-inches tall you can thin them to about 3 inches apart. When the plants reach 12 inches thin them to about 18 inches apart.

Caring for the Mammoth Sunflower Garden – To ensure that your sunflowers are healthy and reach their maximum height you should water them regularly and make sure to feed your flowers as well. Use a liquid fertilizer like Miracle Grow to mix with water and use directly on the soil area where the roots of the flowers are. This should be done about every couple of weeks, but no more than once a week.

If you have cared for your Mammoth Sunflower garden properly, by the end of the growing season you should have plenty of sunflower seeds to harvest.