Marigold Seeds

Tips For Planting Marigold Seeds

Marigold seeds are very popular for many people that enjoy gardening and brightening their homes.  These flowers are going to really add a lot of color to your garden but they are also going to keep many insects away from your garden.  It is believed that their scent is often going to repel many of the normal insects that would bother your garden flowers.

Marigold seeds can be found just about anywhere.  The question is not where to find them but rather, how to plant them effectively.  If you are going to be planting the seeds in a pot you will want to start by filling it approximately two thirds full with new soil.   Once you have done this, you will want to take the seeds and place some of them into the soil.  You do not need to bury them in the soil; you simply need to place them on the top.  You will then take some more fresh soil and cover the seeds, filling the pot to the top.  Be sure to take note of which type of marigold seeds you have planted because this is going to be important when considering spacing later on.

Once your pot is ready, you will want to give the marigold seeds plenty of water.  You will also want to make sure that you are placing the pot in the sunlight because these flowers enjoy a lot of sun.  As long as you take the time to keep the soil moist and you are giving them plenty of sun, you are going to be well on your way to beautiful marigolds.

Keep an eye on your marigold seeds.  As they begin to grow you are going to prepare to transplant them.  This task is going to be completed when the flowers are approximately two inches tall.  At this point you have two options. You can either plant them in a larger pot or you can take them directly to your garden or window boxes.

Now, if you remember correctly, I told you that you were going to need to know which type or marigold you were growing.  As you get ready to transplant them you will want to pre-dig your holes.  If you are growing smaller marigolds, they can be about five inches apart. However, if you have planted larger marigold, you will want them to be about 18 inches apart.

Once you have prepared the holes, you will need to remove the marigolds from the containers they are in. You must be very careful to ensure that you are not breaking them as you are removing them from the current pot.  You will need to be sure you have all of the roots along with all of the soil that is packed around the roots.  You do not want to remove the soil from the roots because you do not want to break any of the roots.

As you continue to care for your marigolds, you will want to watch for any flowers that have started to die.  This does not mean that all of your marigolds are heading towards the end.  You will simply want to remove the end of the flower from the stem and allow them to continue growing. You may have heard of deadheading and that is what you will be doing.

Marigold seeds are very easy to plant and take care of.  These flowers would be great for small children if you are interested in completing an outdoor activity.  You can even make it into a small science project that they can learn from.  Children enjoy planting flowers and watching them go.  Therefore, consider the marigold seed when you are ready to help your child plant.