Mexican Heather Plant

Facts About Growing the Mexican Heather Plant

The Mexican Heather plant, also known as False Heather, is one of many that fall into the categories of Tender Perennials and Annuals Tropicals. Botanists know this wonderful plant as Cuphea hyssopifolia, which is in the Lythraceae family. This plant is native to the areas surrounding Mexico, as the name suggests. As with many plants, consumers wish to know not only the plant specifics, but also planting and growing instructions that will assist with guaranteeing plant maturation. Therefore, throughout this article we will examine both of the above and provide you with all the information you need for growing the Mexican Heather plant.


The Mexican Heather plant tends to grow around one foot in height, but may be as tall as eighteen inches. In terms of spacing, anywhere from nine inches to a foot is average. Moreover, this beautiful plant blooms throughout the year making it a highly attractive plant year around. The booms are generally a shade of purple with the leaves being an evergreen; however, the flowers can also be a shade of pink or even white. Most people believe this plant looks very similar to a fern and therefore also makes an excellent houseplant.

Anyone wishing to plant the False Heather plant should live in plant hardiness zones eight through eleven for best results. Be prepared to plant this floral in an area that has either full sun exposure or partial shade. For soil requirements, the ideal pH level is anywhere between 6.6 and 7.8; therefore, the plant prefers either neutral or slightly alkaline soil and does not tolerate acidity.

These plants are great when sowed directly into the ground after the last frost of the year, but also make an excellent indoors plant. Anyone planting this floral indoors should be sure to keep it in a sunny place in order to get the appropriate sun exposure needed for proper growth. Either way, the plant tends to bloom relatively early and can tolerate high temperatures as well as a considerate amount of drought. Be sure to water the plant frequently in extreme heat but avoid over watering. The plant will not be able to thrive in soggy soil. As with most plants, the Mexican Heather plant does best in well-drained soil.

In terms of ideal locations, if outdoors they are excellent border plants to add not only to your annual beds, but also does great in perennial flowerbeds. As mentioned above, the plants grow well indoors in a pot, but may also make a great window-box addition. Feel free to use this variety to line your walkways adding a splash of color that is sure to leave your visitors in awe. When planting directly into the ground, be prepared to space the plants about a foot apart for best results.

One of the best features of this plant is the fact that pruning is rarely needed and therefore it is very low maintenance. Obviously it is best if you add fertilizer to the soil, specifically organic fertilizer. Furthermore, the plant may attract beautiful creatures such as hummingbirds and butterflies.

In conclusion, the Mexican Heather plant is an excellent addition to either your landscape or for accenting your house indoors. Not only is the plant tolerant of high temperatures, but it actually does relatively well in periods of drought (when watered properly). Furthermore, this plant is very colorful adding shades of pink and purple flowers to your flowerbeds, porch decorations, as well as indoors. This fern-like plant is a low maintenance plant that is perfect for anyone wishing to add a splash of color indoors our out with evergreen foliage.