Mexican Sunflower

Facts About the Mexican Sunflower

The Mexican sunflower is an annual flower that many people plant in their flower gardens or around their home.  This plant is like a normal sunflower that you have seen but it is actually shorter.  It will grow to approximately five or six feet tall and it will spread to roughly three or four feet wide.  Planting this flower will give you great coverage close to your house or behind other flowers in your flowerbed.  It will bloom to be a reddish orange color and produce leaves and stems that have light fuzz on them.  This flower is native to Mexico and Central America.

An interesting fact about the Mexican sunflower is that it will actually bloom twice in one summer.  If you plant it in March or April it will grow and produce beautiful flowers into June.  The blooms will then fall off and germinate.  You can then expect more blooms by October.  This is a very unique feature and it can make it more appealing to many gardeners.  Another attractive feature is that this flower will attract butterflies.  Each flower can attract two or three butterflies.

When you are thinking of planting this flower, select a location that is going to give it a lot of room to spread out and grow to its fullest potential.  Consider planting it behind other flowers as a border so that it grows nice and tall behind other flowers.  The Mexican sunflower is going to grow from seeds.  You can plant the seeds directly into the ground at your selected location or you could start growing them inside a few weeks early.  It is important to plant it in an area that is going to get full sun.  Be sure to purchase a soil that drains well when you begin to plant.  Even though it will survive a drought, it is recommended that you water it when it is dry because it is thought to bring good luck.  Be sure that you are not over watering it.  It will help it grow faster if you water it as well.

You can keep your flowers bright and large if you cut off flowers that have faded.  This will also help your plant bloom longer.  It is important to fertilize your plant every eight to ten weeks.  You can talk to a florist about what type of fertilizer is best.  However, if you are concerned that you will forget to fertilize it you can add a slow release fertilizer into the soil when you first plant it.  Be sure to find out how long it lasts so you know if you need to add more at a later time.  If you notice that you are getting a lot of foliage on your plant but no flower blooms you may be giving it too much fertilizer.  Talk to a florist to determine how this can be fixed.  You want to be able to see these beautiful flowers so work to fix the problem.

The Mexican sunflower also works very in flower arrangements or in a vase.  If you are going to consider using your flowers in this manner be sure to talk to a florist or research how to cut them properly.  You do not want to break the stem and you want them to have a clean cut.  You do not want to damage the plant in any way.  It might be a good idea to research this before you trim off faded flowers as well.  Finding ways to improve the beauty and life of your flowers is the hope of every green thumb gardener.  This is not something that comes easily to everyone.  Take your time and get to know your flowers.