Mock Orange Shrub

Caring For A Mock Orange Shrub

If you would like a privacy shrub that also smells like citrus, you can start thinking about a mock orange shrub. It has bright green waxy leaves and wood like brown stems. In the late spring it produces beautiful, smaller white flowers. The centers of these flowers have an orange yellowish color and these flowers give off a spectacular citrusy fragrance. This is how the name mock orange shrub came to be. Although this plant is not related to the orange in any way, it does have an orange scent.


This shrub can reach up to eight feet in height and it is used as an individual plant to spruce up a garden area or for a privacy shrub or a boarder plant. It is a hardy plant that does well under most conditions and does not require much attention. But there are a few pointers to follow if you plan on having a mock orange shrub in your yard.

Before you purchase one of these shrubs, plan out where you will be placing the plant or if you will be using more than one. The plants can reach up to eight feet and the branches and foliage can also spread out to eight feet, so make sure there is plenty of room for this plant to grow. When you first plant them, you may think that they look too far apart. But be patient until the plant matures and the branches fill in because it will eventually fill in the bare spots.

Dig a hole to place the plant into and make it deep enough so that all of the roots are covered. You should remove any rocks or pebbles that could damage the fragile root system. These types of plants do not have to be placed on a small hill for water drainage. They should be planted at the same level as your yard.

The mock orange shrub does not do well in direct sunlight. So it should be placed in an area where it has a good mix of sun and shade. Because this plant is so hearty, it may be able to live in direct sunlight but it will still be affected. The plant will be smaller and it will not produce as many flowers. During the hot summer months, the leaves may also change colors and become yellow and damaged.

The mock orange shrub loves water. So never worry about water damage around the base of the plant. But if you are concerned with this plant not receiving enough water, you can cover the ground around it with mulch. This does more than hold moisture in the soil. It also helps to stop weeds that can compete with the shrub for vitamins and nutrients. So you will not have to remove weeds if you use mulch. It can also spruce up any garden area and give it a professional touch.

The mock orange shrub can grow rapidly and should be pruned in early summer. Right after the plant produces flowers. This encourages flower growth for the next year. But if you are using these plants for smaller shrubs, you can prune them more often. Sometimes the branches on these plants turn brown and die. This can happen on the inside of the plant due to lack of sunlight. Remove these branches close to the trunk, so that new ones can grow in their place. Remember that constant pruning is never good for any plant. You should never remove more than forty percent of this plant at one time because it can harm or kill the plant. Instead, you can lightly prune the plant once every three weeks to a month.