Morello Cherries

Uses of Morello Cherries

Many people have decided to grow Morello cherries because of how relatively easy they are to cultivate. Some of these growers have then been disappointed when they tasted the fruit of their labors. The reason for that disappointment was that, unlike many other varieties of cherries, this particular fruit is quite tart.



When eaten straight from the tree or uncooked, many people find them rather unpleasant. It is, however, that same sour taste that makes these cherries the perfect fruit for many recipes in which other cherry varieties would not serve as well.

If you have some Morello cherries and would like some ideas as to what to do with them, continue reading. Below are some ideas about how you can use Morello cherries in order to make the most of their tart taste.


One of the most popular uses for Morello cherries is in the making of jam. In fact, many cherry jam recipes will call specifically for this type of cherry.  Most cookbooks featuring jam recipes will include some that use Morello cherries. You can also look online for such recipes.

If a recipe calls for any other variety of cherry, consider using Morello cherries instead for a bolder tasting jam.


Morello cherries work wonderfully in pies, fillings and other desserts. Other varieties of cherries tend to lose a lot of their flavor after being cooked or when combined with other strong flavors, such as chocolate.

Since these cherries are richer in taste, they can stand on their own in such recipes.

Some of the finest bakers use these cherries when they create pastries, cake filling and other fruity desserts.

As was suggested in the section on jam, try substituting this cherry in any recipe that calls for cherries. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at how using this particular fruit can really make a recipe come alive.

With Meat

This use of Morello cherries tends to surprise a lot of people who may not be used to combining meat and fruit together.  There are many recipes that use these cherries as the main ingredient for sauces meant to accompany a variety of meats including duck, veal and pork.

Many ethnic dishes rely of this fruit to create some of their signature dishes. Asian and Russian cuisine are just two such examples.

Freeze for Later

If you have more of these cherries than you can use, you can freeze them for use during the non-growing season.  A tip to keep in mind is to spread the cherries out and freeze each as a single unit. If you do not, the cherries will tend to lump together. Once each cherry is frozen, they can be placed in a bag or other container together.

When using your frozen cherries, it is best not to thaw them before use.

As you can see, there are many uses for Morello cherries. While they may not be as sweet as other varieties, the unique flavor that they provide adds to many desserts, drinks and other recipes.