Musa Coccinea

Some Interesting Facts about Musa Coccinea

Musa Coccinea is the name that was given to a very eye pleasing plant with vibrant scarlet flower with a banana like fruit that is inedible. It is very tropical and will bring much needed spice to a garden or home.

This plant is normally known as the scarlet banana for its banana like fruit. Its’ name musa Coccinea has its roots from musaceae which basically relates it to all banana plants. It is found in its tropical habitat in some south East Asia countries. Other typical known names for this exotic plant are red flowering Thai banana and in Spanish speaking countries it is know and guineo de fuego.

This very attractive plant can reach a good height of three to five feet. Its’ leafs are long and green with some red. These leafs are known to become thinner with time.

The musa Coccinea or scarlet banana makes a very attractive house plant. Because it is tropical it is essential that it is kept indoors. Caring for exotic and tropical plants is not as hard as it may seem despite their delicate nature.

Like all plants, exotic plants such as the scarlet banana need nutrients, water and sunlight but remember that this special plant is tropical so the amount of sunlight needed differs from the plants you are typically used to. Because it is tropical its important to never expose it to extreme cold conditions ad this will inevitably kill your m. Coccinea because of freezing. Tropical plants are not exposed to extreme cold in their natural habitat.

All plants have habitats and habits that they follow according to their region. This means that during certain seasons the plan may appear to die but is really just dormant with its roots still maintaining life. Keeping the pot and watering it occasionally will surely bring a surprise as some time passes. If the plant froze because of weather exposure it is likely that it will not come back however it may have just gone dormant just as well.

If you are unfamiliar with the climate, find out where your seeds or musa Coccinea came from, a well trained retailer with good plant knowledge can tell you what region their products came from. Tropical plants require that they are not exposed to anything colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much sun exposure can also be bad. Once you know the region you can have a better idea of what your tropical plant needs.

Knowing the region is important as water consumption of the plant is dependent on its survival and that pattern can only be known if you are familiar with how much rain or moisture is the climate of that particular plant. In the case of the scarlet banana as all other tropical plants moisture and humidity are needed. This means that they will most likely thrive in a room of your house that has humidity. If you have a master bedroom with a bathroom nearby make sure plant can get some of that humidity. Another good place for the scarlet banana is a kitchen as it is exposed to moisture. An ideal place would be near an indoor hot tub or pool. You might also ask your local gardening expert if the humidity and temperature in your area is right for this plant, as some places here in the U.S can be quite humid and warm most year round. If these are out of reach, a spray bottle or misting system can help.

Compost and good soil with regular water along with temperature controlled location and lots of love a musa Coccinea will thrive and beautify your home with its pretty flowers and unique inedible banana fruit. They make great houseplants and beautiful flowers.