Okame Cherry

Five Facts About Okame Cherry Trees and Some Tips to Help Keep Them Healthy

Okame Cherry trees are beautiful, fast growing trees that make a wonderful addition to many landscaping concepts. Here are six facts about these trees that you should know before deciding whether to include them.

Okame Cherry Trees Require Sunlight

These trees will not do well in fully shaded areas. While the trees will thrive in full sunlight, partial sunlight is also acceptable.


Size of Okame Cherry Trees

The Okame Cherry tree is as wide - or wider - as it is tall when fully mature.  Reaching a height of between 15-30 feet, the width of the tree usually measure 20-30 feet.  When working on your landscape design, it is important to keep the width of the tree in mind so as not to plant anything else so close as to hinder the growth.

The Okame Cherry Tree is Famous in Our Nation’s Capital

Each spring, thousands of visitors head to Washington D.C. to see the these beautiful cherry trees in full bloom during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  There are nearly 4,000 cherry trees, including the Okame Cherry, planted in D.C. When they bloom, it is a beautiful explosion of pink flowers.

Cherry trees in Washington D.C. started in the early 1900’s when Japanese citizens sent thousands of cherry trees as a show of friendship.

 Beautiful When Budding

The Okame Cherry tree is clearly beautiful when in full bloom, but it is just as attractive when budding.  Also, it produces a display of orange in the fall in some parts of the country.

The Okame Cherry Tree is Great for Small Yards

People with small yards often think that including a fruit tree in their landscaping is impossible. Because of the relatively small size of this tree (as mentioned above), the Okame Cherry tree makes a great choice for those with limited space for landscaping.

Here are some tips for caring for your Okame Cherry trees.


Keeping the tree properly pruned is essential to encourage proper growth as well as to help prevent certain diseases.  Pruning also helps achieve effective spraying, allows light to reach the inner branches and makes harvesting easier as well.


One reason many love this tree is that they require very little maintenance. Once planted in proper sunlight and you ensure it is getting the right amount of moisture, you can just enjoy the beauty of the tree without constant maintenance.


The Okame Cherry tree does well in a variety of soil types including sand and clay. It can also adjust to varied PH and alkaline levels.


While the Okame Cherry tree is more resistant to pests and diseases than some other fruit trees, it is a good idea to watch for any signs of infestation or disease so that the problem – should one arise – can be nipped in the bud quickly.

The Okame Cherry tree is a wonderful choice for people in many areas of the country.  Of course, when the tree blooms and for how long will depend on where you are in the country.  The tree is beautiful and even has roots in history.

Consider adding one to your yard and enjoy the beautiful pink blooms come springtime.