Orange Hibiscus

How to Grow an Orange Hibiscus

The orange hibiscus is an amazing tropical flower that comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties.  They are known for their beauty and their large, colorful blooms.  You can plant this flower indoors, outdoors, as a shrub or as a simple flower.  With all of the different options available, who would not want to plant this flower?

If you are going to plant the orange hibiscus outdoors there are a few things you will want to do.  First off, you will need to go to the store and purchase your flower.  You will want to do this in the spring time so that you can help your hibiscus grow to its fullest potential.  Talk to the workers at the garden center in order to get the best possible hibiscus for your garden.


Once you get your orange hibiscus home you will want to find the perfect location for this flower.  You need to select a location that is going to get a lot of sun and is going to be protected from the winds.  If you need to build some type of a wall in order to help with the winds that will be fine. However, be sure that you are not blocking the sun when you do this.  When you have selected the perfect location, you will then need to dig the hole.  Take a moment to look at the root ball of the flower and determine the size of it.  Now, dig the hole so that it is twice that size.

Prepare the hole by adding gravel or rocks to the bottom of it.  This is going to help ensure proper drainage so that the soil does not become too saturated.  You do not want the roots of your orange hibiscus becoming extremely wet and rotting.  This will doom your plant right from the very beginning.  Over the rocks you will want to add a layer of soil and compost.  Talk to the nursery staff about what type of soil is going to drain the best because this is going to help keep the roots safe as well.

Next, you will put the plant in the ground.  You do not want the root ball to be below the ground so keep it slightly above the top of the hole.  Now, add some more soil and compost.  Be sure to purchase a fertilizer that you can add to your orange hibiscus at least one time per month.  If you are afraid that you will forget to give the plant the fertilizer you can write it on a calendar or you can purchase slow release fertilizer that you can put in the soil and let it do its work.

Give your orange hibiscus a lot of water every few days.  It really needs a lot of moisture to grow.  It is always best to give it more water every few days rather than a small amount of water every day.  You can also place mulch around the plant so that it will help hold in the moisture.  Lots of moisture and sun!  That is all you really need to keep this plant alive and well.

If you have never planted a hibiscus before you may want to consider it now.  They really are not that difficult to take care of and you will love the amazing blooms.  There are so many different forms and colors to choose from they would definitely fit in your garden somewhere.  Take the time to learn all you can about them.  You are going to be very happy that you did.