Orange Orchids

The Problem With Orange Orchids

The problem with growing orange orchids is somewhat like the problem associated with growing blue roses or black tulips. It's not how you care for them that's the issue, it’s the problem of finding one in the first place. In other words these plants are either rarities or they don't exist. It isn't that orange orchids don't exist, they do. The can be found in the Hawaiian Islands and presumably in other tropical areas, but they really aren't seen all that often.




You're much more apt to see orange orchids in paintings than see the real thing, and it's not too much of a problem to lay your hands on some silk or otherwise artificial orange orchids. But if you want to grow your own, you may have to do a bit of searching to find a variety that's available and appeals to you. There are photos of these orchids on the Internet, and viewing these photos can be a good way to start as the person responsible for the photo likely either owns such a plant or knows where one can be purchased. As rare, if that's the right word, as these orchids may be, they aren't necessarily terribly expensive, and caring for them isn't different that caring for most orchid species.

Nothing Wrong With A Supermarket Orchid - Because they are somewhat  scarce, orange orchids may not be available in the floral section of your supermarket, or even in any of your local nurseries. If one is, that's fine as long as it's a healthy plant. If you're going to purchase an orchid plant online, which you may have to do, it's best to purchase it from retailers who specialize in orchids, and have a strong desire to maintain their reputation for delivering healthy and attractive plants. An adult orchid plant is always the best choice for a purchase, especially if one is new to orchid growing. Once you have orchid plants, be they orange orchids or otherwise, you can eventually take up the practice of propagating them, an exciting practice to follow when you have an especially exotic plant to work with.

If A Beginner, Know What You're Getting Into - Before even purchasing an orchid plant, it's always a good idea to read up on how to care for orchids and the understand environment they often require. In some ways orchids require special attention, in other ways they can be easier to work with than plants that require soil. Since most orchids require direct sunlight as well as humidity there are some species that just may not work out for you. If you're going to be investing in orange orchids and don't have a greenhouse it would pay up front to see what if any special conditions the plants will require.

Search For An Orange Orchid And A Reputable Dealer - If you describe the conditions you expect your orchid plant or plants to grow in, a reputable dealer can tell you which species or varieties will work for you and which probably will not. With a little luck you may happen upon one or more species of orange orchids that will be happy in your home or office. Like so many things in life, the thrill of the hunt is often every bit as enjoyable as gaining the prize, and an orange orchid can be a fine prize indeed. You probably won't have to have a plant shipped all the way from Hawaii, but if you do it will probably be well worth it, and these days shipping a plant from Hawaii does not involve the hassle that shipping one to that location soften does.