Palm Tree Types

Different Palm Tree Types

There are numerous different palm tree types that you may want to consider learning about if you are thinking of planting one of these trees on your property.  These trees give the feel of island life and they can be beautiful to look at but there are several different kinds that you can select from.  You may even notice that some palm trees look different than others when you are in a tropical location.  They may be different kinds and learning about some of the types can help you identify what you are looking at.

The first of many palm tree types is the California fan palm.  This is a very large tree and it can grow to be approximately 60 feet tall.  You may even notice that the spread of the palms at the top of the tree is also very large.  This spread can be approximately 15 feet wide.  This tree does need a lot of sun so if you are interested in planting this tree in your yard you need to be sure that you are selecting a location that will meet this need.  The good thing about this palm tree is that it can go without water.  Therefore, if you live in a location that experiences droughts, this may be a good tree for you.

The true date palm is another name that comes up when researching palm tree types.  You may be pleased with this tree if you are looking for something that will grow to be very large.  The date palm may reach up to 100 feet if it is taken care of and pruned on a regular basis. The pruning is generally done so that the tree only has one trunk.  You can always research pruning methods in order to ensure you are completing this task appropriately.

Palm tree types that are a little bit smaller may include the windmill palm.  This palm tree is only going to be approximately 20 to 40 feet tall.  This may be more appropriate for you if you live in a location that does not have a lot of room.  They may be nice for surrounding backyard decks or patios as they would add a really nice accent to your home.  The palm spread of this tree is also relatively small so that makes it nice for these locations as well.

Queen palm trees are great if you live in a location that gets cold.  This palm tree can survive in locations that reach cooler temperatures down to 20 degrees.  You will notice fruit developing on your tree in the winter months.  This fruit may be an orange color and they are beautiful to look at.  These palm tree types are generally used to help add accent to your walk way or a path that you may have in your garden.

As you can see, there are numerous different palm tree types that you can select from.  You will want to research each type in more detail before you purchase a certain tree.  It is best to know the type of tree that you are getting in order to ensure that you can provide the tree with the best possible resources to help it grow.  You also want to make sure that you have the room for the type of tree you are looking at purchasing.  With so many different palm tree types to select from you should not have any trouble finding one that is appropriate for your location.  You simply need to be patient and persistent in order to find the tree that will suit your needs the best.