Periwinkle Flower

A Quick Guide to the Periwinkle Flower

The periwinkle flower is similar to a shrub but it is actually a bit shorter.  Some people call it a sub shrub.  This flower will spread quickly because it will generally take root wherever it touches the ground.  It will grow anywhere between eight and thirty inches tall.  It can be used along hillsides to help with erosion because it will spread quickly.  It may also be a wonderful flower to plant in your garden if you want to keep the weeds down.

If you are considering planting the periwinkle flower in your garden or window boxes you are going to want to keep a few things in mind to ensure that it is going to grow properly and produce beautiful flowers for you.  You will begin by selecting a location for your periwinkle.  Do you have a location in the garden or a window box that you would like to place them in?  You will want to keep it in a location that is going to get a lot of sun so you need to remember that while you are selecting a location.  It will grow if it is placed in some shade but you will not get as many flowers as you would if it were in full sun.

Once you have selected a location, you are going to need to go to the nursery and purchase your periwinkle flower.  Most of the time you can find flats of these flowers and you will also be able to select a color that you really enjoy.  Often times they can be found in white, pink, red and purple.  Talk to someone in the nursery in order to select the best soil for your periwinkle flower. You will need an average soil that will drain well and they can help you select this.  


When you get home you are going to look at your location and determine how many flowers you actually have.  You will then need to determine the location for each individual plant to be sure that you are giving each one enough space to grow and spread.  You want them to be approximately ten to twelve inches apart from each other.  Next, you will begin digging the holes for each plant.  You want the hole to be just a little bit deeper than the soil that is covering the roots in the package.  Once you have placed the flower into the ground you will refill the hole with soil and lightly pack it down with your hands.  You may want to consider adding a fertilizer to the flowers.  If you decide to do this you should follow the instructions on the package of fertilizer.  You will then add water and watch it grow.  Be sure to add water when it is dry outside to help keep them healthy.   

As you can see, the periwinkle flower is extremely easy to plant and care for.  You may want to consider this flower if you have a large hillside behind or near your house that you would like to rid of weeds.  It will spread quickly and will help keep weeds down.  It can add a lot of class to your home with its beautiful colors.  As long as you keep it watered it will last and continue to spread wherever its roots touch down.  If you live in a warm location such as California, you may have the luxury of enjoying this plant for eternity.  It is not going to die if it is cared for properly and that really only means giving it water.  You may ask at the nursery in order to determine if you should give it fertilizer on a regular basis.  This could help it spread quicker or help it grow a little bit taller.  The nursery staff will be able to answer these questions for you.