Pineapple Trees

The Truth about Pineapple Trees

Although many people say pineapples grow on pineapple trees, it’s not really true. Pineapples actually grow on small bushes that are barely two feet tall. That’s not really a size you can call a tree but many people still think of pineapples as growing on pineapple trees.

Since pineapple trees are so small, they are much easier to grow than a 60 to 80-foot tree. You can, in fact, grow pineapples on a potted pineapple in the living room. The first thing you need to do to grow a pineapple is to buy a pineapple. Just buy an ordinary, everyday pineapple, such as you find in any grocery store.

Take a look at the leaves growing out of the center of the pineapple and make sure they look fresh, not dried out or falling off. The little leaves in the middle of the plant should be bright and fresh if it is to grow a new plant. Choose the healthiest looking pineapple you can find.

People who live in the south or other hot climates can plant pineapple trees or bushes directly into the ground while people who live in northern areas will have to be satisfied with an indoor pineapple plant. The first thing to do is to cut off the top of your pineapple. Try to leave as little of the fruit on the pineapple top as possible. Then set the top out in the air for a couple days until a scab grows over the surface of the fruit.

Inside or outside, you need some good soil to start a pineapple plant. They like to have plenty of organic matter worked into the soil. You also need to do this at least every two months--some people use synthetic fertilizers like MiracleGro™ or time-released fertilizers. Dig a hole and place your pineapple in it, with the fruit surface downwards. Fill in with the soil you took out and water the plant thoroughly. After the plant has started to grow, go light on the water. Wait until the surface of the soil is totally dry before watering the plant.

You can get the pineapple to grow roots in water as well if this is a method of planting you prefer. After the cut surface of the pineapple has scabbed over, you can place the pineapple top in a container where it is submerged in water. Make sure the top is submerged, not just the roots. Leave it there until new growth occurs. This might take as long as six months. This is also the same amount of time the pineapple will most likely take to root in soil.


Pineapple trees don’t take in water through their roots like most plants. They take in water through their leaves. So, when watering, water into the center of the plant’s leaves, not on the soil surface. Also spraying the leaves is a good way to water the plant.

One thing to remember is that it will take two years before any fruit grows and it may take considerably longer than that. First, a red cone will appear on the plant. This will turn into several rows of blue flowers, which should blossom in the neighborhood of two weeks. After the flowers have died, your first fruit will begin to grow. It will take another six months to get a mature pineapple. Don’t have high hopes for a sweet pineapple like you would buy as they are seldom very sweet, although edible. You can buy seeds from which you can grow nice, sweet pineapples, just as they do in Hawaii.

If your pineapple never produces fruit on its own, you can help by what is called “forcing” the plant to bloom. Place it in a plastic bag with a couple of apples and seal the bag. Leave it there for 4-5 days and then remove the plant from the bag. The plant should start to bear its first fruit in six months. Pineapple plants like sunlight so be sure to find a nice, sunny spot for the pot.

As you can see, it is possible to grow pineapples no matter how hot or cold it gets where you live. All you have to do is take the first step by buying a pineapple and go from there.