Ponytail Plant

All about the Ponytail Plant

The ponytail plant is a very common house plant that many people enjoy.  It is may also be called an elephant foot tree.  It is thought that the plant looks like an elephant that has a ponytail.  If you have every seen one you may agree.  It has a very interesting look and it can add conversation to your home.  This article is going to explain this fascinating plant in more detail.

When the ponytail plant is small and just begins growing the roots tend to move up out of the soil.  The leaves then hang down over them.  This gives the effect of a ponytail. As the plant continues to grow and become larger the base of it begins to look like the foot of an elephant.  This may be how the plant got its names.  Grown in the wild, the plant can grow to over thirty feet.  However, in the home, it will generally be approximately two feet tall.  This definitely a little bit more manageable.

The key thing that you need to remember about the ponytail plant is that it needs at least a half of a days worth of full sun.  If your plant is not getting enough sun you will know because the leaves will begin to look pale and become very weak. This is really the only thing that you are going to need to keep in mind at all times.  If you notice that your plant begins to look sick you will want to move it into the sunlight.  Other than this, you can leave your plant to pretty much thrive on its own.

You are not going to need to water your plant every day.  If you have noticed the bulb area of the ponytail plant you are probably wondering if the large root and bulb system at the bottom of it serves any purpose.  Well, it actually does.  This is often used by the plant to hold water that it will need for future use.  Therefore, you are going to want to make sure that you allow the plant to dry out before you water it again.

Fertilizing your plant is really only important in the spring time.  You will want to purchase any type of house plant fertilizer and give it to your plant once in the spring.  It will need this fertilizer for its one sudden growth spurt that will take place in the spring.  You will not need to give it any more fertilizer throughout the year.   You are going to find out that it may be a good idea to also replant your ponytail plant into a larger plant when you give it the fertilizer in the spring.  This is going to help your plant grow larger and faster because it will have plenty of room to grow.  You can leave it in the current pot if you do not want it to get to large.

You are not going to find a lot of bugs on this plant and you are not going to notice any diseases on it either  At times, you may notice that the leaf ends on your ponytail plant appear a little bit brown.  This is not something that is going to kill your plant.  You will simply want to cut the brown parts off and then prune your plant into the shape that you want.  This plant is going to live forever as long as it is getting enough sun.  If you do not have a place with full sun in your home you may want to take it outside some during the day.  Anyway you do it is fine just as long as the plant is getting the sun that it needs.