Prayer Plant

Everything You May Want to Know About the Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a tropical plant that is found in Brazil.  In the evening hours the plant will fold its leaves upwards.  This gives the impression that it is praying.  This is why the plant is called a prayer plant.  This plant does not any special care and is actually not any more difficult than taking care of any other houseplant.

The prayer plant can grow in full shade or full filtered light.  However, if you are going to give it light, keep in mind that it does best when it is getting morning sunlight.  You will want to plant it in a west or east window.  You want the temperature of the room to remain at approximately 65 degrees.  Be sure that the soil never goes completely dry but also make sure that you are not over watering it.  You may want to get a spray bottle and keep the plant misted.  This will help to make sure that the plant is getting the correct amount of humidity.  You do not want to spray the water directly on the plant leaves, but rather spray the mist of water approximately one to two inches above the plant and let it fall on the leaves.

You do not want the roots of this plant to grow too deep.  Therefore, be sure that when you are selecting a pot to plant it in you are selecting one that is rather shallow.  You may need to repot it from time to time.  You want the pot to be just as wide or wider than the plant is tall.  They are kind of picky about the soil that they require.  You will need two parts peat moss, one part should be loam and you will want one part that is sand.  As you can see, this is a little more difficult than selecting any old type of soil for your new houseplant.

When this plant is in bloom you are going to receive small white flowers that have small purple spots on it.  You may even notice that the blooms appear to be lavender and white.  Remember that misting the plant was talked about earlier.  This is still very important to remember because this is often needed to help the plant bloom.  In order to help your plant multiply you are going to want to separate the plant.  Wait until springtime before you do this.  Make sure that you take the time to do this slowly and properly.  You wan to separate it at the root.  By doing this slowly you are going to make sure that you do not break the root.  Once you have done this you will take one part of it and replant it in a new pot.  Continue doing this in order to get the desired number of plants that you want.  Make sure that the new plant is potted in wet soil but not to wet.  The roots can easily rot if it is over watered and you want to avoid this.  Remember that these plants like it very humid.  The plants themselves will release moisture and make the room humid.  Therefore, the more plants you have, the more humid it will be around the plants themselves.

It can be difficult to keep in mind each plants needs when you have so many in your home.  The prayer plant really is no different than other houseplants but it does have some special needs.  Be sure to read about these plants carefully so that you fully understand what this plant needs.  You may even want to write some information down until you remember what you need to do with each individual plant.  Gardening should be fun and relaxing.  You should not be stressed or overwhelmed when you are trying to grow your plants.