Prickly Shrub

Using a Prickly Shrub for Protection

In addition to aesthetics, and in some cases the bearing of fruit, the prickly shrub is the ideal deterrent from unwanted animals and intruders.  Because of this, many people will choose shrubs of this type to protect property around the home.  Keep in mind that more than 250 species of these shrubs exist but we wanted to offer a few examples of those considered the most popular simply because they look nice, bear fruit, and still serve to keep unwanted animals and people off the property.

Often, people will purchase many of the same type of prickly shrub or multiple species, which are then planted in a row to create a protective barrier.  Because the shrubs grow densely together, getting through them without being scraped would be impossible.  In addition to deterring potential home intruders, many people will plant shrubs of this type around a garden, which is great for keeping rabbits and deer away from fruits and vegetables being grown.

Another place where a prickly shrub would be ideal to help protect the home is underneath a window.  Since windows are the number one way intruders get inside a person’s home, by placing a shrub with lots of brambles or thorns, you can be sure getting into the home would be difficult.  Even if someone were to enter, chances are good that a small piece of clothing or even droplets of blood would be left behind to find the intruder.

If you love roses, the Rosa Fruhling is another prickly shrub that serves its purpose while producing beautiful roses.  For this plant, sharp thorns grown on the stems, which can be very painful if they touch the skin.  Of course, while one shrub would certainly help, you can imagine the benefits that would be associated with multiple shrubs, especially if planted close together as a hedge.  This rosebush grows to about two feet tall and does well with indirect sunlight.

Although a slightly different type of prickly shrub, the Pyracantha, a type of climbing evergreen is another possible choice.  This particular plant adds character to the home but also protection.  Finally, the Pink Lady makes a perfect selection in that it is an evergreen so it is strong and sturdy, it grows fast, and it produces beautiful blooms.  All of the abovementioned plants would be something to consider.

Now, the only consideration is that any type of shrub with thorns or brambles, you want to be sure to educate small children about touching the plan.  In addition, you would need to make sure any small animals would be protected from a prickly shrub to avoid discomfort, pain, or even injury.