Primrose Flower

Information on the Primrose Flower

The primrose flower is a perennial that has several different varieties.  They were originally discovered in the United States but today they are also found in Asia and Europe.  They can grow from eight to fifteen inches tall and they like different types of soil based on the type of primrose that it is.  Many people will use them as simple ground covers and you can select from several different colors.  They are also known to smell very good when they are blooming.

There are different kinds of primrose that you can select from if you want to plant this in your garden.  The first type is the cowslip and it will bloom in mid to late spring months.  The blooms on this flower are yellow like egg yolk and they will grow to be anywhere from eight to ten inches tall.  The common primrose is found in Britain, Ireland and Europe.  They grow to be approximately four inches tall and will bloom in late winter and the early spring.  Candelabra primrose is going to be lavender or light purple in color and if you find pink primrose it is going to be called drumstick primrose.  The Japanese primrose can grow to be approximately 40 inches tall but they take a lot of moisture in order to survive and grow to be that large.

If you are considering planting the primrose flower you are going to want to select a location and plant the seeds in that spot.  This is because they do not do very well if they are transplanted.  You do not want to run the risk of it dying so you will want to plant it where you want it in the first place.  Select a location that is cool and gets partial sun.  You should plant them early in the season and you will want to make sure that you leave twelve to fifteen inches between each seed unless the package tells you otherwise.  Once you have then in the ground you will cover them a little bit with soil.  Once you have planted them and they begin to grow they will survive with very little maintenance.

If you have large pathways or large hills around your home or on your property you may consider getting the primrose flower for these areas.  It is very easy to plant and it will occupy large spaces so that you do not have to weed that area.  You can select from numerous colors to fit your landscaping needs and add beauty to your home.  Finding this plant should be very easy if you go to any garden center or nursery in your area.  The employees there are also going to be able to tell you where it will look best and how you are going to go about planting it in a certain area.

If you are not sure about planting the primrose flower, or if it will suit your needs, you can always research it first.  Spend time looking it up online or at your local library.  You will have a much better understanding of what the primrose is and if it is what you are looking for.  Most people take a lot of pride in their homes and their landscaping.  Working on your landscaping can become very expensive.  Therefore, you are going to want to find something that will look nice and be relatively cheap to plant.  The primrose flower may be the way to go.  Be sure to research all aspects of this flower and fully understand what types of conditions it will need to grow and thrive in your garden.  Remember, you are looking for beauty, not wasted time.