Pruning Rosemary

Helpful Tips For Pruning Rosemary

Pruning rosemary can be done with ease and proves to be great for your kitchen spice stash. It is true--not only is rosemary a very popular plant, but also it can be used to add flavoring to a variety of dishes that you frequently make. Best of all, the chances of killing your rosemary by a bad pruning job is highly unlikely. Therefore, even beginners wishing to prune should rest assured that they can accomplish this task without doing much damage. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about pruning rosemary.

Before starting the pruning process you must determine how you wish your rosemary plant to look. Would you like it to be very bushy? If so, pruning is extremely easy and requires little time at all. On the other hand, would you prefer if your rosemary looked like a small tree? In this case you will benefit from pruning the lower trunks or branches and leaving the upper ones, which will give you a miniature tree appearance. All in all, the exact pruning of your rosemary will completely depend upon the desired results.

For those wishing to have bushy rosemary plants all you have to do is simply cut back about one third of the top of the plant. This pruning method will encourage side growth making it bush-like. How easy is that? It is essential to understand that cutting back a part of your plant will make it thicker, which is perfect for anyone wishing to have a bush appearance from their rosemary. On the other hand, if you cut the shoot (aka the bud starting point) you will have a thinner look, which is ideal for those wishing to have a tree form. Regardless of your goal, pruning rosemary is easy and can give you the desired results if you chose the correct method.

Feel free to prune your rosemary any time you like as long as they are not blooming (or flowering). For outdoor plants, be sure to prune them at least a month and a half before the first frost of the year. After the winter season, make sure to prune off anything that was damaged during the cold winter months.

The pruning process will assist with keeping your rosemary bush extremely productive as well as healthy. Even if you mess up in the pruning process, you can always try again the following year! As you can see, the rosemary plants are pretty hardy in terms of handling even some of the worst pruning jobs. Again, this makes them ideal for beginners. The best thing about pruning rosemary is you can use the clippings to season your favorite family recipes! Make sure the clippings include new growth and not old, dead parts of the plant. Therefore, any time you plan to prune your plant be sure to plan a dish that will benefit from the rosemary flavoring.

There are multiple uses for clippings from pruning rosemary aside from flavoring your dishes. You can always burn the clippings outside over a fire for an amazing smell that you are sure to enjoy. Furthermore, the clippings make excellent mulch for your other plants. It may even keep away unwanted bugs from your vegetables and other flowers.

In conclusion, pruning rosemary can be very beneficial not only for your plant’s appearance and growth, but it can also be great for your dinners and protecting other plants when used as mulch. The best thing about pruning this plant is that you cannot go wrong. Even if you prune too much you can always try again the following year; chances are the plant will survive a brutal pruning or two. Therefore, pruning rosemary is simple and is recommended even for beginner gardeners. With all of these amazing things, not to mention a healthier plant, prune away!