Pruning Spirea

Pruning Spirea Properly

Pruning spirea should not be something that you dread doing.  It is really easy as long as you know the basics.  This beautiful flowering shrub may simply need some shaping.  This article will explore some of the basic things that you will need to keep in mind when pruning spirea so that you can complete this task properly and make your shrubs beautiful.

If you have a spirea that generally blooms in the spring time you will want to watch your plant carefully.  By doing so you will have a good idea about when you need to prune the bush.  You will want to follow through with pruning spirea that blooms in the spring right after it has bloomed.  You will not be cutting away any dead flowers but you will be completing more of a shaping task.  This is the time to look for blooms that may be out of place and take care of them so that your shrub will have a wonderful shape.  You need to use hand shears in order to cut the small branches and you will need to use looping shears for the larger branches that are hard to cut through.

Now, if you have spirea that bloom in the summer time you will want to prune them in the spring before they bloom.  You will need to be cutting out old, dead branches at this point.  The summer blooming spirea needs new, fresh branches in order to bloom appropriately.  That is why you will want to look for dead branches and get rid of them while you are pruning spirea that blooms in the summer.  You will be encouraging the energy of the plant to move into the new, healthy blooms.

Once you have cut out all of the dead branches you will want to begin shaping the shrub. You need to cut three to five inches off of the top of the tree.  This will help the shrub grow large and produce beautiful blooms in the early summer when it begins to show its flowers.  Be sure that you are not cutting off much more than that because you do not want to damage the tree by taking too much of it off.

Once you have finished the job of pruning spirea you will want to give the plant some fertilizer. This will help the plant heal from the cutting that you just carried out.  It will replenish your shrub and help add to its beauty.  You may want to follow the directions on the package and fertilize the plant for a few weeks once you have pruned the summer spirea in order to ensure that it will produce large flowers.  If you do not have the time to fertilize the shrub you may want to use a time released fertilizer so that it will get the nutrition it needs and you will not have to worry about it.

Pruning spirea is not difficult it just takes time. You also need to know which type of shrub that you have so that you know the best time to prune the tree.  That is the most important thing to remember.  Also keep in mind that you want to give yourself plenty of time to shape the tree and cut the appropriate branches.  This is not a task that you want to rush.  You want to inspect the tree to determine the shape you desire and you also want to make clean cuts so that you are not damaging the tree.  If you take your time you will be pleased with your results and you will see that pruning spirea is not difficult at all.