Pruning Weigela

Beginner’s Guide to Pruning Weigela Bushes

If you want a beautiful landscaped yard, pruning weigela bushes properly is important. This bush is one of the most graceful and lovely bushes that you can plant in your yard; they will attract lots of butterflies and hummingbirds, turning your home garden into a natural paradise.

This type of bush is a relative of the honeysuckle, and although it is a beautiful shrub if you do not keep it trimmed it will grow out and look unkempt and wild. Pruning weigela bushes at the right time of the year is important; if you trim them too early or too late you will not get any flowers during the next growing season. The perfect time for pruning weigela bushes are when the flowers are just fading and starting to die, this will usually be in early or mid summer.

To trim this bush it is best to use clippers. There is no steadfast rule about how much you have to trim off of the branches, you can trim as little or as much as you want usually, but most often it is best to trim off about one third of the branch. To get an idea of how much you will need to trim, it is best to step back and evaluate the shrubs before you begin pruning weigela bushes.

You will want to trim these bushes just enough that they keep their graceful and beautiful form, but to do so properly there is a technique. The first thing you will have to know is that it is important that you always trim this bush above a bud or shoot. Always cut on a slant, at least a quarter inch above a healthy bud. Keeping this important technique in mind, you will be ready for pruning weigela bushes.

The first thing you will have to do, as you are getting ready to trim your shrubs, is to inspect them for any diseased or dead areas, especially toward the bottom of the bush. Remove these carefully.

Evaluate the bush to see how it must be trimming to maintain its natural form. It should be cut so that even after trimming it maintains is natural form; this way it will grow out gracefully.

Next begin cutting back the longest branches; the ones that appear to be growing in a wild, awkward way. These should be cut back to above a healthy shoot or bud.

Starting at the base of the bush begin to trim back any branches that seem weak. Work your way from the bottom of the bush to the top, but make sure that you take some time while you are working to step back and see how it is coming. Remember the bush should keep its natural form.

After trimming all of the weak branches it is time to concentrate on any branches that look as if they are starting to grow in the wrong direction, such as sideways across the bush, or inward. Not only will this help keep the bush in its proper form, but thinning it will help it flower better as well.


The very last step will be to check and see if there are any branches growing at the base of the bush that are laying on the ground; these you will need to trim off of the bush.

When you are done pruning weigela bushes, they should appear naturally graceful and in almost perfect form. In other words it should appear as if it has been aggressively trimmed. Trimming your bushes every year will ensure they are just as beautiful next year as they were this year.