Purple Orchid Tree

All about the Purple Orchid Tree

The purple orchid tree is very beautiful and would make a great addition to any garden.  You are going to learn how to grow this tree by the time you are finished reading this article.  You will be able to help it grow and reach its fullest potential.  These trees can become approximately 30 feet tall but you can always keep it trimmed down to the size of a bush if you wanted to.



You are going to want to start growing your purple orchid tree by digging a hole that is two feet deep and at least three feet deep.  You are going to want to check the size of the rootball of the purple orchid tree and determine the size of the hole from their.  You will then need to add a 50/50 compost mixture to the soil.  Make sure that you are mixing it all together very well so that it is in all of the soil.  Make sure that the tree is planted in an area that is going to get really good drainage.  This is going to help decrease the likelihood of salt building up in the soil and damaging the plant.

Make sure that you are watering the plant frequently. When you water your purple orchid tree on a regular basis you are encouraging the roots to spread and grow deeper.  This is going to help your tree become strong.  This is also going to help your tree thrive when the weather is hot and dry.  Make it a habit to water your tree about every ten days.  However, you need to be sure that the water is able to drain from the tree because you do not want the roots to rot.  You are not going to need to worry about fertilizing your purple orchid tree on a regular basis.  This tree does tend to grow very well without fertilizer.

You are not going to find a lot of pests on this tree.  You may find that during the hot summer months some of the leaves turn brown but you can also do some pruning to the tree to remove those.  You may find some mites or caterpillars on the tree from time to time.  If you are concerned about these you can talk to staff at the nearest nursery in order to determine how to get rid of these pests if you feel they are a real problem.

When the purple orchid tree is young, you are going to want to put support around the tree.  You are going to need to be prepared for this when you first plant the tree.  It is very important to give the tree the support that it needs because if you do not the branches may break when it is really windy or storming outside.  You do not want your tree to be damaged right after you plant it.  This is going to be a waste of time, money and energy.  Therefore, ask the nursery staff what they recommend to help you support the tree.

The purple orchid tree is not very difficult to grow and care for as long as you are supporting it, keeping it watered and making sure that the soil is draining properly.  The only thing that can really harm the tree is too much water rotting the roots and high winds breaking the branches.  As long as you take the steps necessary to prevent these things from happening, your tree will be fine.  If you notice that your tree is not thriving, you can always look online to find help and support for your plant.