Pyracantha Orange Glow

Pyracantha Orange Glow: An Extraordinary Hedge

The pyracantha orange glow is a very distinctive and striking plant, and an all-time favorite in modern gardens. In fact, in earlier years it was not a very popular plant for gardeners because it used be quite a fussy one that was difficult to grow. But through cultures developed in containers, the growing process has become much easier and more successful.

Every year in May, the pyracantha orange glow is covered by stunning white flowers. They grow very thickly next to each other, somewhat bunch-like, and turn into orange fruits which are simply astonishing to look at and are frequently used to decorate the house. These fruits grow from October and through the entire winter period, and if you are lucky and the local birds do not feast on them, you may be able to admire them when all other plants are blank and boring.

The pyracantha orange glow grows straight into the air and can reach a height of over 11 feet. Sunny or semi-shady areas are the preferred locations for a successful growth. Normal gardening soil is usually fine, but the pyracantha orange glow is extremely oversensitive when it comes to frost. If you live in a cold area, you may have to provide artificial heat or try pot planting indoors. Some of the reasons why the pyracantha orange glow was feared by many gardeners are the many diseases that this plant can catch. These can actually be caused by frost, but also by carelessness, over watering and pest. Thus, you must take good care and check on the plant regularly.

But there are also advantages; trimming for instance is not dangerous at all and if you trim old or dead branches, they may actually fully recover. Due to the fact that the pyracantha orange glow is evergreen and can be trimmed regularly, it is the perfect plant to form a hedge, especially when you only have limited space. It provides shelter for other plants and also establishes some privacy because your neighbors and passing pedestrians will not be able to see through the thickly grown leaves. It is also much more exciting to look at in comparison to normal, green hedges. While it is nice and green all year round, the white blooming period and the stunning orange berries are a beautiful eye catcher. It also attracts butterflies, bees and birds throughout the summer and fall.

It is certainly possible to plant one pyracantha orange glow on its own, but it looks also great in small groups or as a hedge around your garden. It grows perfectly fine in large pots as well! Furthermore, this plant is durable when it comes to urban climate and pollution. In fact, it contributes to the environment by providing shelter for birds and serving as a source of nutrition for insects and bees.

While there is a negative reputation for this particular plant, you may be able to find a hybrid version that is more durable for your purposes. For instance, the variety ‘red column’ can take frost much better and makes interesting red berries that are also great to look at. Another type called ‘coral’ is also amazing to look at but less suitable as a hedge. This is because it does not grow as high but is rather spreading sideways. Nevertheless, if you just want to spice up your garden with a little bit of color and if you want to attract birds, you can choose any of these varieties.  If you are really passionate about gardening art, why not create a hedge that blooms red and orange? To do so, purchase seeds from an orange and a red variety, and plant them in turns along your garden. You will be absolutely amazed by the play of colors and the different types of birds that are attracted by it!